Copperlily - Love is a Legend (EP) Album Review

Both me and Natasha always love listening to many style of music. We always open our ears to almost all genre (well, all genre means metal and hard rock music).

However, we couldn’t find that many genre in Christian music. We always search for a new genre (especially jazz Christian music, please do us a favor, contact us if you ever to find any jazz christian music).

Put jazz music and Christian music aside, we found one of quite unique genre in the midst of repeatance Christian or inspiring lyrical album.

Copperlily’s first EP called Love is a Legend styling their music with folk style accompanied with acoustic guitar, they told a story about love journey from the starting point until love become a legend. Consisted of Husband and Wife, Tim Skipper and Stephanie Skipper, this Nashville duo create a great chemistry by exchanging shout in every of their song.

After successfully raise their EP goal in INDIEGOGO, their first EP as a duet released in January 21st, 2014.

There can be no vulnerability without risk; there can be no community without vulnerability; there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community.

-M. Scott Peck

It's One of a Kind

Abraham's Opinion

I always love acoustic music style because of their simplicity and creativity in each of their song. You can’t simply just create an acoustic album and then try to differ it one song with another song. There’re lots of creativity needed to make every song stand out from the album.

One of my favorite acoustic album coming from We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things by Jason Mraz. I love the way Jason Mraz made every song in his album stands out; and the fact that it came from an acoustic album and successfully peaked at number three in Billboard 200 put Jason in a different level.

Love is a Legend (EP) is offering that same quality of creativity and simplicity in a way that each and every song in their album stands out, but doesn't have any similar feeling with another song.

The way Tim strum their guitar in every song I believe is the main reason why every song didn't feel similar with each other. That fact also supported with their choice to release their first song collection as an EP instead of a full album stated that Copperlily want to give us a quality song, not just an album with bunch of song with high repeatance music.

I really love Map to Your Heart as their first song. The music clearly describe a journey starter music that you can find in most of travel short movie as a music background. Not just the theme of the music suits well with the title, it also suits as an opening song of the album, as a starter to legendary story of love.

Country style music then continues to accompany your travel to find your love with Color in You. With a great meaning inside the song, I can play this song more than 5 times and still want to play it afterwards.

I believe most singer would love Broken World as it shows the sweet harmonize voices of Tim and Stephanie, a volume play between both of them also make the song more dynamic.

Their last track is also their album title concludes the journey to summarize how Love is a Legend.

Natasha's Opinion

When I first saw the cover of this album, I have a quick idea that Copperlily is probably a couple. The way they see each other in the photograph is inexplicably sweet. Then when I listen to the songs inside it, I was pretty sure that they are romantically related. Their harmonizing voices give me impression that they stick to each other very strongly. When I looked for their profile, it turns out they are not just an ordinary couple but more, they are a married couple. That explains everything, including the very sweet lyrics they sang in every song.

The intro of Map to Your Heart is already cheerful and give a picture about a sweet love story between Tim Skipper and his wife, Stephanie. Like Abraham said, this song is also very suitable for an opening song, because it's also like a beginning for how a love story begin, when a man chases a girl he loves.

The second song, Color in You is like the truth from the girl's side. In the beginning of the song, Stephanie also express her love to her man. My most favorite part of the song is in chorus when the lyrics said, "You're my dream come true, You're the best thing that could happen , What can I do to make you stick around.." If somebody sang that part in front of us, I'm sure that our heart will be melting away.

A Lot To Learn is also my favorite. Maybe not because the music, but the lyric was fascinating. It's about how the couple argues about each other, and they express that feels into a song. It's just so cute and funny while listening to their arguments. But then they all took one conclusion that both of them still have a lot to learn about loving each other through their weakness.

The only one regrettable thing about this album is the number of the tracks, there are only 6 songs inside them. Once you finish listening to all of them, one thing that will come out to your mind is : That's all? I want more! Well, let's pray for their happy marriage so they will be able to produce more music!

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

Map to Your Heart and Color in You

Natasha's Choice

Color in You and A Lot To Learn


Abraham's Conclusion

I simply love this album, from start to end. It proves how simplicity once again kick away most of the complicated song out there in the music world.

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Natasha's Conclusion

This album is highly recommended for all of couples, because it's inspiring a lot of relationships out there. Also, their romantic songs can be suitable for wedding purposes.

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We also create lyric for the album as we can’t find any lyric of the Copperlily’s song. The lyric however are not for all the song. Until now, we still miss a few words from the song Map to Your Heart. So, if you have any lyric of the song, you can send us email through our contact page. Also you can send us some correction of the song and we’ll fix it right away.

  1. Map to Your Heart
  2. Color in You
  3. Broken World
  4. A Lot to Learn
  5. Tell Me
  6. Love is a Legend