Dark Horse by Katy Perry (Hamanasha's favourite covers)

Hey guys, we're coming back to this cover review section. This time we decided to review covers of Dark Horse, one latest popular song yet controversial because of the music video. Instead of how controversial the song is, we did appreciate Katy Perry who wrote the song. This time, she creates a song which has a different taste of music compared to her other songs. The melodies of the song sounds 'witchy' and mysterious, yet the beat is so deep and strong. So we have chosen 3 covers that makes this song into a different level.

3. Jervy Hou ft. Bri Heart

We absolutely love this cover by Jervy Hou featuring Bri Heart. Actually the arrangement is not much different than the original. They heavily used grand piano as the main instrument, that makes this song into more acoustic and easy listening.

2. Drewsif Stalin

This cover is awesome. Despite of his ridiculous face he made while playing his guitar, Stalin is a very talented musician that used only iPad apps to make the whole song. He used Bias and Jamup Pro, apps that we also used for making music. Though this video was purposedly used for demo, he remade the whole songs and changing the keys so Dark Horse turns into a different song.

1. Josh Golden | Synthetic Beats

And voila! This is our first choice of Dark Horse cover. Josh Golden did arrange the song into a whole different song with full synthesizer and key arrangement. We love the way he sang this song and how he created a different atmosphere of the song. He didn't need to be acoustic or ballad to be different. It still used electronic beats and another synth sounds. Unfortunately the song is very short, only 2 and a half minutes long.