DNA by Ian Yates (Album Review)

Me and Natasha have always been fans of Planetshakers musics and always look forward for a similar music. Now, Ian Yates, a Liverpool's worship leader, brought a british rock album called DNA. DNA is a combination of U2 and Imagine Dragons that filled our thirst of positive, upbeat, and life changing songs.

DNA is the second album that Ian produced together with 7Core Music. Together they have created highly acclaimed album Good News. After a busy year in 2013, leading people in worship all over UK, Ian finally able to produce 11 new passionate songs to realign ourselves to our original DNA.

Initial Thought

Listening to Ian's DNA is like pumping my young blood again. First time I listen to the opening song, my head went up and down unconsciously. This album created to reach young people is my first thought after listening the first song.

After listening to the album, I found it's easy for me to repeat the album over again. Perhaps, it's because the genre, but still the album is nowhere near boring since it has so many variation in the song list.

Behind the Lyrics

According to 7Core Music, "The message throughout DNA is of Gods love, grace and goodness from freedom to innocence, living in the fullness and enjoying our relationship with the Godhead...Despite the struggles and pain we can face, God is with us and is always faithful."

DNA created for motivational purpose; to remind someone about their purpose of life, to not lose hope, to keep their freedom of sin that God has given, and to keep trust to God for He always faithful.

Our Notion About Music

DNA's music has a lot of positive energy, it feels like the songs are telling us to nod our heads while listening to the album. Fullness and Rescued Me are just two songs that showcase the nodding moment in the album. The energy that came from the genre combination and Ian's musicality won't disappoint listeners.

Even the opening song, Freedom Song, gives an open punch to wake us with a great energy combines with synth variation. The Ballad songs also nowhere near disappointment. God I Need You still keep the intimate moment. Opened with acoustic guitar then continued with heavy guitar to build up the moment, at the end Ian release the tempo again to slow everything down. Spinning also has a smart intro as it plays between left and right audio as if spinning the listener. This has been a great journey listening to the album as I went into the details of the song.

Worship Moment

Since this is an inspirational album, there are some notable songs that can be used for worship moment. Christ In Me told us that even in storm, at sorrow, happy or sad and any other moments, we will always okay as long as there's Christ in me. Innocent with a heavy bass drops motivates us that we have been redeemed by God to be made innocent. God I Need You revealed a story about somebody that yells about how he needs God in his midst of pain. DNA has a great worship moment with great ambiance in the background to help building the worship moment.

Favorite Tracks

My favorite tracks are Fullness, God I Need You, Spinning.


Planetshakers fans will be sure to enjoy Ian's works, but also the likes of Christian Contemporary Music fan. DNA will gives lot of alternative in Christian Music industry. A great work anybody around my age could enjoy.

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DNA by Ian Yates 4 Modern Jamming Jul 16, 2014