Endless Praise by Planetshakers (Album Review)

After a year of waiting for the next album, Planetshakers had finally released their latest live album Endless Praise. Recorded live at annual Awakening event in Melbourne, the long awaited album has also successfully captured our heart (again).

Endless Praise released their album globally at March 11, 2014. As predicted, it is successfully well received, especially in some countries such as USA, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia.

Their 26th live recording as usual was given into the hands of their usual lineup. Joth Hunt, Sam Evans, BJ Pridham, and Andy Harrison are the composer lineup for this whole album.

Anyway, starts from this post we will categorize our review into some segments. Which one you prefer, please let us know at the comment below. Oh and we also have the full songbook that you can check on this page.

Initial Thought

I love this album since the first time I listen to the songs. Actually, I've been heard several song in Planetshakers Conference 2013. No, I didn't attend the conference, but I watched it on God.tv. The songs such as Dance, Oh Your Love are already familiar to my ears. But this first impression could be bias, because I listen to PS everyday and basically I love all of their songs. - Natasha

If you listen to the album, you would know why Natasha loved the album from the first time. Eventhough she said that the reason might be biased since she always listen to PS’s song everyday, you can still expect a great album with their latest work. With an opening song like Endless Praise that have heaps of tempo and variative tone, it would not be surprising if you want to listen to the next song right away after the first song commence. - Abraham

Behind the Lyrics

Planetshakers lyrics were often criticized as cliche and shallow. Behind those kind of lyrics, it makes all their songs easy to be memorized. This time, they improved the quality of the words, as we can see in "Made To Worship" and "Set Me Ablaze". - Natasha

I love the lyric behind the album. From the first time I listened to the song, some of the lyric inside the song has already planted inside my head. Songs like Made For Worship, Our God Reigns, and Praise You Lord was immediately took some places in my heart. - Abraham

Our Notion About Music

Bass!! The bass player is so cool, I wonder who are those people behind the instruments. Unfortunately, PS is rarely mentioned their full band members, and it makes me dying to know them all. In this album, as I said earlier, the bass line is quite prominent. Also there are so many surprises in this album. PS slipped a little dubstep beat in the song Dance which is mind-blowing. In the song Oh Your Love, the beat was also surprising, it wasn't like any of other PS songs at all, it's one of their musical breakthrough. The intro of Oh Your Love was reminds me a bit about Beyonce's Crazy Love, but the rest of the song is more funk and disco. - Natasha

I totally agree with Natasha. The bass player is so cool I thought it was a gospel player. One thing that quite pity is that although the drummer is a decent player, in some song he couldn’t match with the bassist so it became a mismatch couple. But overall in this album, I think it’s the best music accomplishment for Planetshakers. - Abraham

Worship Moment

If you want to use this album for get into worship moment with God, you can use some song like Made For Worship, Kiss Towards, or Set Me Ablaze . Especially for Kiss Towards, when I tried to get the guitar chord for it, I found it was so abstract its like a person praying to Lord. So when I double check it with the PS conference video in God.tv, I found that this songs was used for prayer worship. It means you can use it for your prayer also, you can feel the heart when listen to it. - Abraham

The first worship song in the album, No Other Name was immediately captivating my heart and my mind. The song isn't too melo and has a rousing music arrangement. I love every part of the song, from beginning to the end, especially when they mention everything we'll receive in the name of Jesus such as the name of Jesus brings healing and freedom. All you about to do is just keep saying 'amen' for every single words of the song. As Abraham said, Made For Worship also has a strong and powerful lyrics. When it says, " I abandoned every distraction, my attention is set on You,...", we can't help but only longing to focus all our attention to worship at the time. The song is also remind us back about the purpose of our creation by God. - Natasha

Our Favorite Tracks

My favorite would be Endless Praise, Oh Your Love, Dance. - Abraham Definitely Endless Praise, No Other Name, Oh Your Love. - Natasha


Abraham's Conclusion

I can't state much besides I love this album. Although it doesn't have much powerful lyric songs, it still has tons of minutes that you can spend while pumping your heads up and down.

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Natasha's Conclusion

I can say that this is the PS best album for the past 5 years, and I love this album very much. I listen to the this album everyday on the past few weeks and the songs were keep blessing me over and over again. Great music, great songwriting, great album!

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Endless Praise by Planetshakers 5 Modern Jamming Apr 23, 2014