Eye On It by Toby Mac (Album Review)

Last week, we reviewed Aftershow one of the best electronic album in Christian music industry. This time, we’re going to review Eye On It by Toby Mac, a great electronic album that is Toby Mac’s sixth full length studio album.

Eye On It was released on August 28th, 2012 and it has a lot of achievements since the launching date. Besides winning as the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album in 2013 Grammy Awards, it reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200. It’s the first Christian Album since 1997 and only the third time ever, a Christian album topped in a Billboard 200 chart.

As one of the first and best known Christian rappers, Toby McKeehan kept his nature with hip hop yet not leaving his Christian faith. So, although Eye On It received many critics regarding how he composed a Christian music, we still think this album can be counted as one of our favorite electronic Christian album.

Track List

  1. Me Without You - Buy on iTunes
  2. Steal My Show - Buy on iTunes
  3. Eye on It - Buy on iTunes
  4. Forgiveness - Buy on iTunes
  5. Speak Life - Buy on iTunes
  6. Unstoppable
  7. Lose Myself
  8. Family
  9. Thankful for You
  10. Made for Me
  11. Mac Daddy (Tru’s Reality)
  12. Favorite Song
  13. Me Without You (Capital Kings remix)
  14. Steal My Show (Jack Shocklee remix)
  15. Lose Myself (Capital Kings remix)
  16. Family (Jamie Moore remix)
  17. LoudNClear Tru (Telemitry remix)
  18. Me Without You (Telemitry remix)

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It really different, yet it still feel the same

Abraham's Opinion

In my opinion, after listening to Aftershow last week, I can’t help but think that the music of this album is a bit below the music composition from Aftershow. However, if you haven’t even heard about LZ7’s Aftershow (you can read the review here) and you love electronic, Toby Mac’s music composition will suit your taste.

The album itselves has lots of powerful lyrical song (well obviously, because he is a rapper). It starts with his first single of the album, Me Without You, composed with dance music, the song is telling a story that we would be nothing without God and can be completed only by God.

Another great song comes from Steal My Show that tells us to put the spotlight of our lives to God, to put ourselves aside and God in front. The real deal is coming in the next song, Eye on It. Music wise, this was the best music composition (not counting the remix version). The song combine both trance (Toby Mac’s speciality) and dubstep resulting a head pumping song.

Another my favorite in this album is Forgiveness that Toby Mac sung with Lecrae. Cause we all make mistakes sometimes, but nothing sweeter than the day we find forgiveness, forgiveness. I really recommend this one, you can buy the single on iTunes by clicking this link

Toby taught us about thankfulness and gratefulness in Speak Life with an easy-listening music composition, continues with a life lesson that we are Unstoppable for we have the unstoppable God. I love the music composition and the combination with Bianca’s voice suits well in this song.

My favorite dance song in this album then continues. Lose Myself to look for God, a great praise song in search of God. Family seems familiar for me, it reminds me somewhat like Jason Mraz song but I can’t quite catch it yet. But anyway, this song is the slowest (tempo) in this album.

Family, Thankful for You, and Made for Me are telling about people around us, friends, family, and spouse, all of them are gifts from God.

The next song is the one that made me smile when I first listened to the song. It was a song about Toby Mac’s oldest son Truett aka TruDog request of a Mac laptop to create some beat for his pleasure in music, you can check the preview in iTunes Mac Daddy.

Acoustic song of Favourite Song finish the album praising the Lord about how He can create a great melody and flipping tempo easily. Anyway you can get another six songs if you bought the deluxe version. After I listened to the album, I really think it deserves the No. 1 spot in Billboard Hot 200.

Natasha's Opinion

I have know TobyMac since I was teenager, and he is the first Christian artist that I knew has a different music style than the others. Back then, I didn't like TobyMac very much because he was mainly rapping and I was not into rap that much. Until Abraham show me this album and I heard it. It was surprising, because he didn't rap in the first track, Me Without You is the most of my favorite song in this album. TobyMac's voice and music arrangement for this song was reminding me of Adam Young's, best known as Owl City. In the Deluxe Edition, we can also enjoy different mixes of this song, Capital Kings' and Telemitry's remix. From both mix, I like Telemitry's better. Actually Capital Kings' mix is also awesome from the beginning, they arranged the keys of the song, but when it comes to the chorus, which has to be the climax, I found it a little bit dull because they made it into slow-mo dubstep. Anyway, the original song was the best version for me.

My second favorite choice is Lose Myself. These are 2 versions also in the Deluxe Edition, the other is Capital Kings’. This time, I prefer the remix than the original. Consider the chorus was very repetitive, the remix makes the song less boring with the rousing arrangement.

Another song that capture my heart when I heard it is LoudNClear Tru, sung by TobyMac’s son Trudog. This song was coming from the 2010’s album, remixed by DJ Telemitry. His arrangement was clever an vibrant, makes us want to bounce our head back and forth.

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

My favorite choice would be Favorite Song, Forgiveness, and Family. You can check it all in iTunes by clicking on the song title.

Natasha's Choice


Abraham's Conclusion

This is a great lyrical album with a great musical composition. Even if you don’t like electronic songs, there are still enough song to make you love this album. A great album.

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Natasha's Conclusion

For all who loves Tobymac, will not be dissapointed if you bought this album. 18 songs in an album is very worth purchasing.

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