Francesca Battistelli - If We're Honest (Album Review)

Francesca Battistelli is known for her music style that easily acceptable across secular and Christian audience. With the hope to share the words of God through her music, she released her third studio album, If We’re Honest, publicly at April 22, 2014.

Nominated as Artist of the Year in 2013 GMA Dove Awards, If We’re Honest has great commercial performance. #2 in US Christian Albums, even #13 in US Digital Albums and Billboard 200, also sits on 194 on overall iTunes chart and no. 9 on the Christian category. The catchy single Write Your Story even sits at #3 on Christian radio play.

With Award Winner Ian Eskelin as the producer, Francesca has 11 tracks and additional 4 bonus tracks in her Deluxe Edition, including a team-up with folk duo All Sons & Daughters. She co-wrote almost all the songs in the album, except Holy Spirit (included in Deluxe Edition) that written by Brian and Katie Torwalt.

Initial Thought

I have been a pretty huge fan of Katy Perry’s music. Natasha and I also have done some covers and review of Katy’s songs. So when I heard about Francesca Battistelli and listened to the preview of the song, it’s an instant download. Listening to it, this album has lots of catchy tone that wouldn't bore the listener. - Abraham

I always love upbeat songs, so when the first track of this album was played, I enjoyed it immediately. At first, I didn't notice that Batistelli has a similarity with Katy Perry's voice. But as the tracks goes on, my ears start to misheard Batistelli for Katy Perry and the resemblance was strong especially at the 9th track Giants Fall. - Natasha

Behind the Lyrics

There are lots of personal messages that Francesca tried to share with all of us. It seems that this album was written to be an encouragement to all the listeners. Run to Jesus, Giants Fall, and Keeping Score are one of those that motivate its listener that God never close His ears but listens to those who seeks help from Him. - Abraham

I love all the lyrics that Batistelli wrote, because they weren't cliche and very thematic. The first track Write Your Story for instance, has a theme about writing, so it contains words such as 'page', 'book', 'mark', and 'author'. I also spotted some catchy phrases of famous pop lyrics in the third song He Knows My Name. It contains sentences like "I'm meant to be a lion, I'll roar beyond a song.." which is remind me of Katy Perry's song 'Roar'. And on the chorus there is, "I'm not living for applause.." which clearly contradict with Lady Gaga's song 'Applause'. - Natasha

Our Notion About Music

Country, Soul, Pop, sometimes Ballad, these mixes make a great combination that easy to listen, friendly to all listeners. This might be a great reason that some of Francesca’s musics been chosen as a OST of some TV Shows such as ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, NBC’s The Biggest Loser, and many more. - Abraham

Actually, Batistelli was playing safe in Christian Pop genre. The music was enjoyable, easy listening, and cheerful. The arrangement weren't complicated, simple but well-matched with Batistelli's voice character. - Natasha

Worship Moment

Find Rest, and Holy Spirit will be a great companion for praying. Holy Spirit told about nothing that can be compared than the presence of God. Find Rest told about how we have never need to worry, because God never leaves us alone. - Abraham

There aren't much ballad songs in this album, even though there are some ballads, the songs can't actually be used for worship because God was made as the third subject, not as the one who we're talking to. So, the most suitable song for worship is Holy Spirit, Tonight (featuring All Sons & Daughters), and Just The Same. - Natasha

Our Favorite Tracks

My favorite would be Write Your Story and Tonight. - Abraham

Write Your Story, He Knows My Name and Giants Fall are the songs I would like to recommend. - Natasha


Abraham's Conclusion

You can easily share this album to anyone you know, just to encourage them in their hardship. This album was so easy to listen and will suit well to most people out there.

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Natasha's Conclusion

Battistelli's voice has a characteristic in Christian music industry, so having this album is enriching your reference and adding your pop/folk music album collections.

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Francesca Battistelli - If We’re Honest 4 Modern Jamming May 05, 2014