From Water to War by Nine Lashes (Album Review)

Aside from Natasha that loves listening to electronic and jazz, I have always been a rock lover, and also jazz. I know that both music genre are like water and oil. But, I still love both genre, rock genre is like my morning-noon music, and jazz is like my evening-night music.

Christian music have lots of talent like Skillet, Fireflight, Switchfoot, Kutless, and many more. One of them is Nine Lashes, an American Christian rock band from Alabama with 3rd album called From Water to War.

From Water to War released to public in January 21st, 2014. In three months, Nine Lashes has secured eighth spot in both Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums and Christian Albums in US.

Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) Magazine interviewed Jeremy Dunn, the lead vocals of Nine Lashes. Asked about personal growth that they’ve encountered during the album creation, he stated.

It takes waking up everyday and deciding to want His way instead of my way. And some days, I admit I don’t. Thank God that He’s full of mercy.

The album itself talks a lot about transformation. Based on their reviews with JesusFreakHideout.com. It all talks about baptism and how life after baptism will looked like.

One of the best Christian Rock Album

Abraham's Opinion

When I’m listening to Nine Lashes, it reminds me a lot of my favorite rock band Linkin Park but minus the screaming. I’ve always love alternative rock music like Linkin Park or Nirvana rather than Metallica or Black Sabbath.

Based on that preference, I love all the song inside this album. It has a perfect part of guitar distortion that gives a great energy to those that listening.

I’m in love with the meaning behind this album. Baptism and life after it has always been an interesting thing to talk about. I mean, how many of your friends turn your back from Jesus after their baptism.

Back to the music, I love the idea of combining rock and electronic music. I think the combination of both creates a more easy-to-listen sound, resulting in a wider acceptance listener. Especially when you’re not into a rock genre.

The opening song, Never Back Down gives us like a little teaser how electronic can suits well with rock. Then, the second song, Break the World opens it with synthesizer, a sound that rarely brought in a Christian rock song.

Where I Belong is a song that shows a different side of Nine Lashes with a electronic genre (yes, you’re not wrong, no rock in this song, not even a single distortion). But yeah, they’re back to distortion again in their next song, Lights We Burn.

Surrender is one of my favorite song in this album. Not because it’s a ballad song. I just love the way they still put a worship song between rock and praise songs. It’s like showing that they still appreciate intimate time with God.

My next favorite song is Light It Up. It really reminds me like a Sum41 songs, a song with rich amount of distortion but still listenable.

Nine Lashes’s two last song show their great taste of music. Love Me Now really prove it. Starts with a piano and then continued with synthesizer music. It doesn’t stop until that. Later at the near end of the song, distortion comes in to end this awesome song. Love it.

Natasha's Opinion

If you are fans of metal rock music, you will definitely love Nine Lashes. As a Christian nu metal band, Nine Lashes has really done another great job in this album. In this album, they were going more alternative than metal, although there are still several metal song.

When I listened the first track, Never Back Down is kinda too heavy for me. The heavy guitar distortion filled up the song into a highly energetic song that make you head bounce back and forth.

Second track Break The World is the lead single of the album, and actually fit to my ears and I can enjoy the song. It reminds me of Linkin' Park's songs.

As I listened the songs further, indeed the album genre is mainly rock, but not all of the songs are metal rock. The third track Where I Belong have an electronic dance beat and also using synthesizer. This song is easily become one of my favorite song.

Besides the third track, the last track also is my favorite. Cover Your Own is also using electronic beat and synthesizer, the tempo is also medium. I also like the melody of the song, especially on the chorus. This song has been a great closing number for the album.

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

Love Me Now, Light it Up, and Surrender

Natasha's Choice

Where I Belong, Surrender, and Cover Your Own


Abraham's Conclusion

I love this album. I love the way they combine two different genre together. I also love the meaning behind each of their songs. If you’re a music lover that loves to have some new experience in music, I’m totally recommending this album to you.

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Natasha's Conclusion

This album can be considered as a five-star Christian rock album, that can't be missed. You should follow Natasha on her twitter here