Gangnam Style - PSY (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

This time we’re going to review our three most favorite cover of the most famous song in 2012. Yeah we know it’s a bit rusty to talk about 2012 song in 2014, but we think that the cover versions of this song are really creative. To just pick 3 is difficult already, so we decided to put a playlist of our other picked cover besides these three. So here are our favorite cover of Gangnam Style by PSY.

3. Jayeslee

The sweet voice of two young ladies gives a different struck to this song. They harmonized perfectly since their voice are identical to each other. Their Korean pronunciation also perfect, since they are still half Korean blood.

2. Aurorabrivido

K-pop was re-imagined into more Western style. Although it was recorded no longer than 2 minutes, this version is very creative, despite of the bad Korean pronounciation because the singer isn't Korean.

1. Memoplaysmusic

Covered by Korean citizens, this video has so many limitation, besides it didn't performed live, it was taped unprofessionally. Instead of the poor video-making,the audio has studio quality, the arrangement was brilliant, and we're enjoying this version very much.