The Glorious Unfolding by Steven Curtis Chapman

If there’s someone that can be called legendary in Christian industry, it is Steven Curtis Chapman. Chapman is a five times Grammy awards and 58 GMA Dove awards winner, a record that only Chapman can achieve until now. He is also a seven times winner of Dove Awards’ “Artist of the Year”, also a record in Christian music industry.

After seven years of an album with “all original” track list, Chapman released his “all written by Chapman” album called Glorious Unfolding. Glorious Unfolding released in September 30th, 2013, and within one month has reached no. 27 most sold album in Billboard chart, and also reached no. 1 Top Christian Album in the same week.

There's a Secret Unfolded through the whole Album

Abraham's Opinion

This is the first time for me listening to Steven Curtis Chapman’s full album. All I know is that Chapman is a great songwriter and has become a legend in this music industry. So I decided to buy his latest album and share it with Natasha. After we listened to it, it’s easy for us to reach the same agreement. We totally agree to review this song just after listened to the album one time.

Glorious Unfolding opens up the album with a slightly move up from a slow tempo to a cheer up music. Chapman stated that this song proves that God has His plan that good for us. The music and the song itself really suit well for this theme.

Love Take Me Over is one of my favourite song for this album. I love the music style that really hype up the mood, even though it has an acoustic feeling from the strum of the guitar, I can still enjoy the music as an upbeat one.

For me Something Beautiful has a pretty deep meaning. Like the lyric in the verse that stated “God will turn into something different, something beautiful”. According to Chapman, the song is telling the listener about how the light shines brightest in the darkest room, in the darkest places. Chapman (and I also) believe that God will create beauty even from the most broken things. The story continues with his next song Finish What He Started, stated that whatever God do, He will finish it.

Chapman also put a song to inspire his daughter; well I think it not only for his daughter, but for most of teenagers around the world. Only One and Only You sends an encouragement to all low self-esteem teenagers out there to stand up and be more confident to themselves because we are create unique by our God.

A great grateful feeling really felt in Chapman’s Together that created to share his 29 years relationship with his wife Mary Beth Chapman. This really special song, said Chapman, written to sing about how God is with them, how God is faithful, and how God has given them hope. So even though the music is only String and piano, for me it’s still sung from the heart that made it special indeed.

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Natasha's Opinion

One thing that I like about Chapman for sure is the way he wrote the songs. I called them story-telling songs, which make the listener imagining the situation and feel the meaning of every word in the song. The first time I heard about Chapman was through his song All I Really Want for Christmas. The song was telling about an orphan wish for Christmas which brings tears when we just imagine that the lyrics came from a lonely child who wants a family.

Apparently, I was kind of expecting more of songs like that when I first saw this album, and I was right. Every song is meaningful, another stories being unfold. Chapman is very honest while he writes down his feelings into songs. Despite of his beautiful song writing, there is one disadvantage that his songs cannot be sung as worship songs in our services or devotions. Well, maybe we could if want to sing his song in our church services but it’s kind of awkward.

Just like the title of the album, Chapman intends to unfold the secret of his life and share it with his listener of the album. According to his interviews with CBN.com, Chapman stated that all the songs in the album are in some way the reality that He has faced along with God until he reached an understanding that God really does know the plans He has for us.

One thing that I like about this album is there are only few ballad songs, most of them have middle up beat. Based on the music, my favourites is Glorious Unfolding with electronic beat combined with acoustic sound from the guitar. I also love the 7th track, called See You A Little While, it has e very catchy notes on the chorus. For the up-beat song, my favourite is Love Take Me Over and Something Beautiful. The rest of the tracks were merely similar, only the stories were different.

Feet of Jesus is the last track of the album, and this is the most typical song among the others. The melody is like come from Caribbean night with minor notes. This is the most favourite ballad in this album.

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

Love Take Me Over heat up the mood and the way the piano plays Together and Chapman sungs this song really touch me.

Natasha's Choice

  • See You A Little While
  • Feet Me Jesus.


Abraham's Conclusion

The whole album is telling me a really great relationship between Chapman and God. It has so many great songs sung from heart. If you’re looking for an album to touch your feeling, this album is for you.

Natasha's Conclusion

Another great work from Chapman that you shouldn’t missed it. Although the entire songs is barely sung in our Sunday church services, but this album is worth buying by all Christian music lovers.

The Glorious Unfolding Rating

Natasha's Rating

Abraham's Rating

Track List

  1. "Glorious Unfolding"
  2. "Love Take Me Over"
  3. "Take Another Step"
  4. "Something Beautiful"
  5. "Finish What He Started"
  6. "Only One and Only You"
  7. "See You in a Little While"
  8. "A Little More Time to Love"
  9. "Sound of Your Voice"
  10. "Together"
  11. "Michael and Maria"
  12. "Feet of Jesus"

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