Go to Nineveh by Sam Powell (Album Review)

I have always loved jazz music. Swing, Fusion, Funk, Pop Jazz, any type of jazz. Sadly, this jazz genre is hard to find in Christian Contemporary Music lately, but abundantly produced in Christmas season. Most of the time, Christian Music would be in another genre besides jazz.

But this time I finally found one artist. Sam Powell, born in Brooklyn, produced his third album, Go To Nineveh. Released in June 1st, 2014, I think this is the first time after so many years I’m listening to a Christian Jazz album in non-Christmas season.

Initial Thought

Since I love jazz, I always looked for Christian Jazz album on iTunes. There are many of them, but most of them released many years ago. In this indie production album, I think the lack of vocal quality has been covered really nice with the quality of the music. So although the vocal is a bit 90's to me, the music is top notch.

Behind the Lyrics

The lyric behind this album is about sinners that saved by Jesus, sinners that experienced the great love of Jesus and experienced a huge transformation after met Jesus in their life. I think that it has powerful lyrics for someone that just met Jesus in their life. This album will remind how God is always close to the sinners.

Notion About Music

The music is awesome! Since Sam is a multi-talented musician, the music inside this album combined the elements of Jazz, Funk, Ska, Blues, and even Salsa (there’s also Rock but it hardly recognized). He combined the silky voice of Saxophone, Jazz Bass, and Guitar melody.

Somethin' Strange shows the music quality of Sam. It’s like listening to a jazz funk performance with bass slap combined with funk beat of the drums also with the trumpet sounds. Eating With the Sinners reminds me of 90s pop song with the synth sound of the keyboard. There still some great songs like Nothin' New or The Portion Road Pigeon Song that brings ska to the listener.

Bottom line, if you love jazz funk and alternative music like I do, you will find the album is awesome!

Favorite Tracks

My Favorite are Nothin’ New and Somethin’ Strange.


In the midst of Christian Contemporary Music, Sam Powell’s Go To Nineveh brings refreshment in the industry. I think with years to come, Sam will bring us more great album from this genre. If you’re a jazz lover, you got to get his album.

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Sam Powell - Go to Nineveh 4 Modern Jamming Jul 10, 2014