Happy by Pharrell Williams (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

Welcome back Jammers! It’s another cover review time, and this time it’s from #HappyDay Happy by Pharrell Williams. As you have known, Happy has reached lots of popularity across countries. Topping U.S Billboard Hot 100 and charts in 23 other countries are just another achievement that Pharrell get.

Both me and Natasha are loving this song a lot. Especially the ear catchy powerful chorus that can be exploit by other singer. Based on that thought, we gathered three most stunning a capella version of this song. Hope you guys enjoy our post.

3. BYU Vocal Point

This group of 9 people brings colorful and happy feeling inside their videos. Their creative way in editing their video and the dancing put this cover in our top three.

2. PTX

This is the first time PTX is not in our top list of choices. But it doesn’t mean that their quality get anywhere lower. In this video, they still put some amazing interpretation on the song. They also put their own note as the intro and create their own bridge.

1. Maybebop

This is the group that beats PTX in the war of Happy a capella. Maybebop is a group from Denmark, so in the end of the video if you’re hearing some unknown language spoken, it’s a Danish language. By the way, they change almost the whole song into a their own version. But, the happy feeling is still there with their colorful clothes and hilarious act. And yes, it’s a jazz version.