Hillsong Y&F We are Young & Free Album Review

Originated from a youth worship ministry team called “Powerhouse Youth”, Hillsong United have no doubt planted their claws in worship industry. But after more than a decade of doing youth worship with Hillsong United, it’s time for Hillsong Church to create a fresh new youth worship team. Hence, in July, at Hillsong's Annual Conference in Sydney, Australia, the church introduced the new and exciting generation of worship music called Hillsong Young & Free.

Young & Free as they stated in their website, is seeking for a freedom and a strength in youth generation, and being awakened to their purpose in Jesus and empowered to step out into their calling. A great statement that screamed out loudly in their first album, We are Young and Free.

Before the album released, Hillsong Y&F launched their debut single, "Alive" in July on iTunes. The single itselves hit No. 1 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel single chart and also had a great response in Australia as it become the second Hillsong song to hit the Australian ARIA singles chart.

Released worldwide at Oct 30th as Hillsong Y&F first album, We are Young and Free is written by more than 10 songwriters. This shown how much this young kids want to show their love to God. The songwriters including Aodhan King, Ben Tan, Melodie Wagner, Alexander Pappas, Joel Davies, Hannah Hobbs, Michael Fatkin, Joel Houston, Renee Sieff, Laura Toggs, Matt Crocker, Marty Sampson, Ben Tan, and Bede Benjamin-Korporaal.

We are Young and Free consists of 15 songs including 3 songs that recorded in studio. Here’s the track list.

Track List

  1. "Brighter"
  2. "Alive"
  3. "Wake"
  4. "Lifeline"
  5. "Close"
  6. "Love Goes On"
  7. "Gracious Tempest"
  8. "End Of Days"
  9. "Back To Life" - Our Cover
  10. "In Sync"
  11. "Embers"
  12. "Sinking Deep"
  13. "Alive [Studio Version]"
  14. "Wake [Studio Version]"
  15. "Back To Life [Studio Version]"

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We absolutely love this Album.

Natasha’s Opinion

After a long break of listening to Hillsong’s album, I got all excited about this album. First of all, this album has a great difference in music style. All of the songs were produced with electronic beats which makes me feel ‘ear-gasm’ when listening to those songs. Most of the songs in this album are praise songs, and all of them are great executed. All of the songs are Hillsong’s originals and didn’t even remind me of another song.

Started with Brighter, this song has enlighten the atmosphere of praise and heat up the people to jump and shout for Jesus even louder. Followed by Alive and Wake, two praise songs that rises earlier as singles before the album was released. Those songs has a same pace to burn people as they were never get tired to jump and praise the Lord. Then, Lifeline enters as the first worship song. I love this song because it is a middle up-beat song yet very easy listening which makes everybody will easily be drifted away. In the middle of worship, they worked in two praise songs that elevated the worship atmosphere, Back to Life and In Sync. The live recording was ended with Sinking Deep as a 7th worship number.

Among 5 worship leaders in this album, I have to admit that Melodie Wagner has the one of the most distinctive voices that Hillsong’s ever had. She sang both praise and worship songs beautifully without a doubt. She worked together as a songwriter also with Aodhan King, another ‘We are Young & Free’ worship leader. However, all worship leaders have amazing talents and great voices. The musicians also were blessed with such talents especially the DJ / mixer that holds the most important part in this album which makes all songs done perfectly.

Abraham’s Opinion

This album has a punch of energy in each every song they create; it seems like they ask us to jump around and dance with them. As an opening song, Brighter really suits well with this album title, Young and Free. After listening to this music, I'm start to think that these days, electronic genre really take a bigger part in christian music industry as not only Hillsong Y&F, Limitless by Planetshakers, even latest Chris Tomlin's music also brings up dance electronic genre into his song.

Back to the album. Y&F next songs are serving their single Alive and a pump up song Wake; both of them also punch out trance-electronic songs. The song, will most likely make your head pumps up a lil bit while listening to this song. With Alive catchy melody in their chorus, I’m pretty sure most church will sing this song in no time.

Lifeline is surprisingly a medium beat worship song with a great electronic rock chorus. When I first hear it, it really surprises me with the way the song enter chorus right away. I love this song, and as a pre-door into worship song, I think this song works well. Close and Love Goes On bring us a rock worship that really left the way Hillsong used to worship, I think the reason mainly is because it’s a youth album. But Gracious Tempest proves that even youthful souls need a time to rest and worship God in a slow and intimate moment.

Back to Life and In Sync continues the soul of a free youthful life with a jumping music and great energy. I personally love the melody in Back to Life, so we have prepared a cover for you here.

Embers and Sinking Deep concludes this great album with a Hillsong United rock worship style, lots of energy but I can still feel that Y&F play it from their hearts for Jesus.

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Natasha’s Conclusion

I like all the praise songs, but I love Brighter and Back To Life more. For the worship song, I would like to choose Lifeline as my first choice.

Abraham’s Conclusion

I love Wake and Back to Life, while for the worship song I totally agree with Natasha’s choice, Lifeline.


Natasha’s Conclusion

Although almost all of the names that appear in this album are new to me, I admire their creativity and totality to work together as a new Hillsong youth team. It’s a very incredible execution for the first album!

Abraham’s Conclusion

I loved this album, I’m at 25 years old now, so I don’t think this kind of songs is too childish for my age. I still can jump around while listening to this album; it have refreshment, energy, and of course synthesizer in it. Great job!


Natasha's Rating

Abraham's Rating