Instruments of Mercy by Beautiful Eulogy (Album Review)

Last time when we reviewed Toby Mac and Lz7, it’s like a revelation for us that there’s an unique genre in Christian music called CHH (stands for Christian Hip Hop). So we started to look for another great CHH musician in the internet, and yet here we found a great artist for you guys.

At a glance, by its title, you will think that Instruments of Mercy is merely an instrumental album. But fear not, it has a beautiful music, yet a deep rap biblical lyrics.

Instruments of Mercy is 3rd album from the talented duo rapper Braille and Odd Thomas, combined with the genius Courtland Urbano. In this album, Urbano single handedly produced the album by using entirely organic and natural sounds with lots of ambience created by analog synthesizer.

Anyway, you can download Instrument of Mercy for FREE in Noisetrade. Or you can also support us and the musician by buying Instrument of Mercy on iTunes.

Courtland Urbano IS a class by himself. To have single-handedly produced this album to achieve this rich atmospheric and organic sound the way he did, he must be applauded. Talking about organic, your mother’s favorite gardening tools can be heard making rhythms and beats on this number.
- Christian Manifesto

It's our go-to-bed album

Abraham's Opinion

Yes, in their first track, and since this is my first time hearing Beautiful Eulogy, it was never in my dream that a CHH would be started in instrumental. But anyway, that's just an opening track.

In their next track Vital Lens, you will find the album is as expected as you can think of. Moreover, in this track, Braille and Odd Thomas really show their ability in matching and penetrating rhymes.

Just like Aftershow by Lz7, each of their track in this album stands up against each other. Applaud to Mr. Urbano for creating a different ambiance for each track. From funk, electronic, acoustic, he created this album sounds like a hip hop worship album.

I've never been a fan of Eminem rap style album because Eminem was never really match his rap with the beat of the music. But Beautiful Eulogy really made it different, the music really catching up with the rap phrase. Each phrase has been finely tuned with the music so that you won’t feel the rap separated from the music, yet it's still packed of amazing biblical meaning from the rap.

For me, the best part in this album is when you hear the rap combined with great ambience sounds behind the voice. Honestly, I've never paid attention to the lyric of a song in my first attempt album, even if it’s a hip hop album, beat comes first in my opinion.

Instruments of Mercy however put me on another level, it seems like they are preaching through their rap, with hip hop matching rhymes, you can’t help to hear to their preach.

My most favorite song in this album is Blessed are the Merciful. Woah, it really blows my mind. I mean someone's preaching a gospel generally like in your church, but accompanied with an ambience song and drum machine beat. Those really blows my mind.

Well since it’s titled with Instruments of Mercy, Raise The Bridge put as the only one instrumental with only choir voices showcasing Mr. Urbano ability of producing a great song.

I really enjoy this album from the start until the end. An album with great biblical lyric while having a great ambience song, I can’t believe I said this, but Instrument of Mercy have became my go-to-sleep album.

Natasha's Opinion

From the album title, I guessed that this is an instrumental album, I didn't expect that this album is CHH. Basically, I'm not a big fan of rap and instrumental songs. But just like Abraham said, this album can definitely be my go-to-sleep album, or devotional album because of the ambiance Mr. Urbano created were very calming and tranquilizing.

From the beginning of the track, I can feel the soothing atmosphere they create in Cello from Portland. The sound of electric guitar stroke first along with the ambiance of nature on the background, like somewhere near the river. It makes a perfect opening for the album.

For the rest of the album, you can enjoy the rap from Braille and Odd Thomas about positive encouraging lyrics, just like we're just listening to rhythmical preaching with the sound of music and ambiance. Except one song, Blessed are the Merciful is an actual preaching accompanied with hip hop beat in the background.

Since this album has a few actual song with melodies, I choose Instruments of Mercy as my favorite. First because they used acoustic guitar in the opening and surely it has the most singing part from the entire album.

My another favorite is Raise the Bridge, once again it's because they used acoustic guitar and also the beat is very cool. It's a pure instrumental song that unfortunately only last for 2 minutes long.

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

Blessed Are The Merciful and the rest of the songs :)

Natasha's Choice

Instruments of Mercy, Raise the Bridge


Abraham's Conclusion

If you’re a lyrical guy that loves Eminem album, I would suggest you to listen to this album. It’s a great album that really too good to be missed. Moreover it’s a free album.

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Natasha's Conclusion

This is a must-have Christian album, because you can't find many album like this in Christian music industry. It may not be sung at any church services, but it is worth to listen in the car or in your quite moment with God.

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