La La La by Naughty Boy (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

It's another European song that we decided to review this week. From a British producer, Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith, it's La La La. This track has reached number one position in many European music charts. At the end of 2013, the second single from Naughty Boys debut album, Hotel Cabana, even noted as the sixth fastest-selling single of the year in the UK. So here are three Hamanasha's favorite covers of Naughty Boy's La La La.

3. Miss Sha

The first one coming from UK singer, Miss Sha (follow her Soundcloud here). Miss Sha uniquely put her own Jazz tone into the song, made the song a more easy listening that can be enjoyed with a glass of tea in the evening.

2. VoiceCraft

The next one is also from Europe, Russian acapella, Voice Craft. Consisted with 4 females and 1 male, this Russian group combine their beautiful female voice, accompanied with powerful beatbox from the male.

1. Early Rise

Our number one pick this week coming from another European group. This time it's a Israel band, Early Rise. They put a clean and neat rock version of the song, elevate the song into a powerful cover. Great Job!