Let It Go - OST Frozen (Hamanasha's favorite cover )

On the last holiday season, Abraham and I watched Frozen, the Disney tale movie. I love the movie so much, not only the characters that made this movie outstanding but also all the songs they sang. The original soundtrack “Let It Go” won Critics' Choice Awards’ and Academy Award’s for Best Original Song. This song also has been sung in many different languages. Surprisingly, Korean people have a great participation of doing the cover. Anyway, we have picked our favorite covers of this song, check’em out!

3. Caleb Hyles

The singing guy in this video, Caleb Hyles, was claimed by many people that he sing the best male version of this song. For the music, he only used the minus one of original song in the movie sung by Idina Menzel. Although he didn’t do anything for the music, his vocal range and interpretation of the song is incredible!

2. ROUL & Zenie lee

This is one of the best acappella version from Korean people contribution to the song. The female soloist was sung the English lyric perfectly and her powerful voice was flawless. Also the boys in the vocal group were doing great of making the beat, the rhythm and an amazing harmonization accompanying the soloist. Unfortunately, the audio quality wasn't so good because it was recorded live and the voice is only be taken by the camera.

1. Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. Lexi Walker and One Voice Children's Choir

This cover actually has the most views on YouTube among the other Let It Go covers. Unlike the other cover, the most popular video usually is not yet the best, this time is different. This Africanized Tribal version is extraordinary, with Lexi Walker, the little girl with an incredible talent in her voice and Alex Boye with his African folk touch. The One Voice Children's Choir also makes this cover more majestic.