Lindsay McCaul - One More Step (Album Review)

I love Christian Music, but I hate the lack of creativity put in most Christian Contemporary Music. That's why when I finish listening to Lindsay McCaul's latest album, I was able to get my excitement again in this genre.

One More Step is Lindsay's latest album and her first full-length studio album. One More Step is released worldwide in August 19th, 2014. It has 11 songs that co-written by Lindsay herself, with its hit song entitled the same with the album, One More Step.

Initial Thought

I like the musical notes that the songs served. It's a bit unusual in contemporary music to have choice of notes like Lindsay had. What I'm trying to say is, the melodies are not predictable and have a lot of twist. So I have a great time when listening to the album at the first time. I thoroughly enjoy the experience and for me, it's more like pop music rather than contemporary music.

Behind the Lyrics

I've said that the musical notes are quite different compared to the usual contemporary music. But, Lindsay still kept what's amazing about contemporary songs, the lyrics are great and it's what contemporary song should be, to inspire people and encourage their faith.

In this album, Lindsay wants to encourage all the listeners. No matter what happen to you, no matter when and where you start, God will always be there for you. Because nothing in this world, not even your own effort, can be compared to the love of God that is more certain than the stars.

Every song in this album is meant to encourage and inspire your life. Empty Handed talks about the incomparable greatness of God. A Little encourages you to not being ashamed of who you are, no matter how small you are, as long as you believe, you can do it, because God can do the great things through the small things.

Lindsay however, in the middle of the album tries to explain the story behind the album with the song entitled One More Step. The song is about her life with her father, starts from when she learned to walk at 12 months old, when she walked down the isle with her husband, until when her father was dying. In every step that we take, it all brings us back to our Creator.

Reaching Arms, In Between, and Mess Like Me encourage the listener again that God doesn't see our bad side, but He always loves us no matter what we do, as long as we turn back to Him.

And as the last song, Lindsay closed it with powerful song, More Certain Than The Stars. Empowering us that God's promises, loves, and everything He has, are always remain the same and certainly there for us.

Our Notion About Music

Overall, I do have some of my favorite songs in this album that actually quite catchy to my ears. The songs aren't that outstanding in terms of the skills and variation of syncope. But overall, the album is neat and has a great musical sense.

Jesus Be has become our favorite songs. Not just because the lyrics, but also it has quite catchy intro and a nice melodies. It feels like we have never got enough of listening to this song.

With the Brokenhearted is a duet song and accompanied with a neat guitar finger pick. The additional sounds such as a soft bass drum, strings and some synthesizers elevated this song into a great song.

Favorite Tracks

Jesus Be, Rule the World


In the midst of CCM albums that lack of creativity, One More Step rises and gives something fresh for your ears. If you need some encouragements and inspirations, or if you feel like your life have been too hard lately, you definitely need to check this album out.

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One More Step by Lindsay McCaul 4 Modern Jamming Nov 14, 2014