My Epic - Behold (Album Review)

I have been a great fan of Rock music, especially with Christian Rock music. I have been in love with Nine Lashes's From Water to War. I think it is a great album and they have became one of my favorite musician in this genre.

But just now, I got a new favorite band added to my favorite Christian Rock band lists. My Epic, that has just released their third studio album, Behold, did a great job combining worship songs with a metal distortion guitar.

Behold released on December 10, 2013 by Facedown Records (a recording studio that known for releasing metal-hardcore album). It also achieved a great success by claiming the #7 position in Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums.

Initial Thought

Yes, I've been a fan of rock music. So when My Epic released their album and I listen to the preview, it was a "no second thought" buy.

I got myself relieved after listening to the whole album once. I think it was the best worship rock album I have ever listened. Ambient sounds combined with the strike of guitar distortion has elevated most of the songs in the album.

Behind the Lyrics

According to My Epic as stated on their websites, "The album has two parts; songs about the Lord, and songs sung to him. Part one is a trilogy which is the backbone of the record and spread through the beginning, middle and the end of the album. Part two consists of the rest of the songs and based around the different types of psalms."

The first parts are Arise, Approach, and Arrive. It 's all talking about the Lord's second arrival. The second part on the other hand, is inspired by the heroes in Psalms, about their relationship with God and how they worship Him.

Notion About Music

I applaud My Epic for the album making. It was a great experience for me listening to an album that presents rock and ballad songs at the same time. Not mentioning, the ambience that brings a different feeling to what rock genre music usually had. For me, the whole album is like riding a wave, where it has a high and low moment of music.

Worship Moment

There's a lot of worship songs in this album (if only you can worship while listening to a guitar distortion sound). I personally could use songs like Confession, Approach, and Liturgy for worship God.

Favorite Tracks

My favorite track would be Curse and Liturgy.


Abraham's Conclusion

This album is a must buy for all rock music lovers out there in the wild. It also can be an alternative for many music lovers that looking for a rock album that doesn't too hardcore and can still be 'listenable'.

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My Epic - Behold 5 Modern Jamming Jul 02, 2014