My Grown Up Christmas List (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

December is the most waitful month along the year, not just because of the holiday season that we can spend with our family, but it’s time we can check back our Christmas collection or add some new Christmas collection with some more beautiful song. So this month, we will put up our favorite Christmas song and find out our 3 favorite cover for the song. We will start of with David Foster and Natalie Cole “My Grown Up Christmas List”. This is their original video version.

You can check all 3 video in our playlist here

3. Ailee

First up is a cover from famous Korean artist, Ailee. She’s covering Kelly Clarkson’s version and combined it with a powerful voice.

2. Clay Aiken

Next is a version from 2003 American Idol’s Runner-Up, Clay Aiken. Clay’s version of this song has his deep and sooth voice, and while kept the music simple, he still able to deliver the meaning of the song.

1. Lauren Alaina

Another American Idol’s Runner-Up scored in our most favorite cover, it’s 2011 American Idol’s runner up Lauren Alaina at CMA Country Christmas 2011.