No Other Name by Hillsong Worship (Album Review)

It’s a huge week for Hillsong’s fans around the world. July 1st 2014 is the release date of 26th worship album by Hillsong Worship worldwide. No Other Name is the first release after Hillsong Music using the new name under Hillsong Worship.

Like always, Hillsong has been consistently releasing their album every year, at July. This time, they released their album worldwide together with the replay from Sydney’s Conference. You can stream the conference here.

This album also features new songs line up combined with famous Hillsong's worship songs. 11 new songs might soon be heard throughout the churches around the world. Just a few days after releasing their album, Hillsong Worship has reached #6 in US iTunes top albums. It also charted in the top 10 in iTunes across 13 countries.

The epic event continued with Hillsong NYC took over NYC’s Times Square, one of the world’s famous tourist destinations. It created a campaign of No Other Name and Jesus in their billboards all the night.

Hillsong takes over Times Square

Hillsong took over Times Square - Source christianpost.com

Initial Thought

After a few days ago listening to a rock worship album by My Epic, this time I switch to a slower gear. No Other Name as the whole album, consisted of worship songs and worship songs (yes, I'm not mistype). But fear not, the guys from Hillsong Worship have produced brilliant worship songs. So even if the album only consists of slow and ballad songs, it's still nowhere near boring.

Behind the Lyrics

Hillsong has always been known for their spectacular and full of inspiring lyrics behind the song. Thus, this album has no difference with the other in lyrical quality. Songs like Calvary or Heaven and Earth have a powerful worship lyric praising the Almighty God.

Our Notion About Music

Well as it is a worship album, you can't expect much for music awesomeness. I personally thought that No Other Name (Radio Edit), that was published only in the Deluxe Edition, has the quality of awesomeness though. The Deluxe Edition version got some remix with ambiance and some string voices into it.

Worship Moment

I think, this is the first time that all the songs in the whole album can be used as a worship moment. All of them has the quality that can be used in any worship events. If you are a long way searching for an album that full of worship songs, this is the album you're waiting for.

Favorite Tracks

My Favorite track in this album is No Other Name (Radio Version) and Calvary.


This is the album many people long for. An album that purposefully created for worship alone, without any interfere from upper beat song. In this album, anyone who wants to worship God can use the whole songs in the album without any next/prev button pressed.

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Hillsong Worship - No Other Name 4 Modern Jamming Jul 04, 2014