Overcomer by Mandisa (Album Review)

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards that held at Staples Center in Los Angeles at January 26, 2014 has chosen lots of winner. Just like other music lover, we also keeping our eye to the award show. But what we put our interest a lot is at the Christian category. So this time we will be reviewing the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album in 56th Grammy Awards. Overcomer by Mandisa.

Overcomer is Mandisa’s 4th studio album that has been released out on August 27th, 2013. Mandisa is also well known for her appearance at season 5 of American Idol and from the confrontation between her and one of the Idol judges, Simon Cowell.

Possessed with strong and powerful voices, in this album Mandisa also co-writes her song with some if not the best songwriter in Christian Contemporary Music industry, including Chris August, Israel Houghton, Tiffany Lee, Britt Nicole, Cindy Morgan, and Matthew West. With this artists co-write Mandisa’s song, the album become richer with various music style coming from each song writer.


  1. Overcomer
  2. Back to You
  3. The Distance
  4. Face 2 Face
  5. Press On
  6. That’s What Scars are For
  7. Dear John
  8. At All Times
  9. Joy Unspeakable
  10. Praying For You
  11. Where You Begin

And additional 4 tracks for her Deluxe Edition 12. Overcomer (Capital Kings Remix) 13. Press On (CB Ultra Run Remix) 14. I Hope You Dance 15. Cradle Me (Patsy's Lullaby)

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It's a CCM Album Afterall

Abraham's Opinion

Mandisa’s music style has a very pop feeling in my opinion. So I’m feeling lots of easy listening songs combined inside the album. So there’re not much I can tell you from the music side.

Put the music aside, the album itselves have lots of encouragement and inspiration sentences. Well, I mean just look at the album title and you can guess that the whole album is all about encouraging someone elses.

Still, Overcomer is a great song that has a great encouragement and quite a suitable beat to pump up someone energy. Put that along with the powerful voices from Mandisa, I think this song is one of the best song throughout the album.

Back to You, The Distance, Face 2 Face, Press On telling a linked story between the song about how our life are around God, that all the thing we have, received, faced is going to back around to God. The choice to do it however is not easy but as we press on, we can close the distance and facing God. Another linked story are What Scars are For and Mandisa’s friend Dear John where Mandisa told about scar and how to walk through it.

Another my favorite song is At All Times where Mandisa co-writes the song with Israel Houghton. The music is very similar with New Breed style, not mentioning the awesome backing vocal supporting the powerful voices of Mandisa.

Praying For You with the acoustic feeling sways us a bit after a dance song Joy Unspeakable. After listening to Praying For You, I realized this is a song about Mandisa’s prayer to find her soulmate.

Natasha's Opinion

Before I listened to this whole album, I knew that Mandisa's Overcomer has been on Billboard's Christian chart for weeks. This song is also included in WOW Hits 2014 which is one of my favorite song among the others. After I listen to all the tracks in this album, Overcomer is still the most of my favorite song among the others.

This album contains many similar songs to Overcomer. I've been looked up the songwriters, and it turns out Mandisa also wrote most of the songs for her album. So I concluded that Mandisa has a typical style of songwriting, which makes us easy to recognize her songs. Although her songs was predictable, the pop beat makes all the listeners still enjoy the whole album. It's easy to love this album, especially in this modern pop industry, this kind of music will be the most wanted even for non-Christian listeners.

This album mostly contains up-beat songs, 6 first tracks were up beat songs, then Dear John comes with middle up beat tempo. Followed with At All Times, this song is easily be my favorite because it has a different genre. Houghton touch made this song into his style, gospel funk music, which is surprisingly more suitable for Mandisa to perform compared with ordinary pop song. Her strong voice made this song incredible.

The deluxe edition also contains the remixes of Overcomer and Press On. The remix of Overcomer that was done by Capital Kings changed the whole song into a new song, but I love their mixes very much. It makes the song into a different level, makes us completely forgot that it's a Christian song. At the same time, Press On remix by CB Ultra Run Remix was not as good as the original, I love the original better.

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

My favorite will be Overcomer and At All Times.

Natasha's Choice

  • Overcomer
  • At All Times


Abraham's Conclusion

While Mandisa’s Overcomer is not the best album I’ve ever heard in terms of music, it has a great meaning in each of the song inside the album. If you have a problem or friends who struggling in their problem, you might want to give this album to them. It’s a great encouragement album.

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Natasha's Conclusion

For all the pop music lover, you shouldn't missed this album. Despite of lack creativity of songwriting, it will easily be your favorite album because the songs are easy to be listened and the beat is pretty cool.

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Natasha's Rating

Abraham's Rating