Oxygen by Lincoln Brewster - Legendary Christian Guitarist Album Review

Lincoln Brewster has long been known as a leader in Contemporary Christian Music industry. His notable songs such as Everlasting God or Today is the Day have been really popular in many churches across the world.

Released in July 22nd, 2014, this long awaited album has finally reached the public. Oxygen, the ninth studio album was coming with all new 11 songs and 10 of them were co-written by Brewster himself.

Despite the hard time, Brewster still finished recording the whole album. He said in an interview that he was nearly torn apart after his wife was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

I had no idea honestly how I was going to get it all done, [the album] just didn't seem that important ... but I really felt like God kept saying 'nope keep going,'" he recalled. "I didn't want to be one of those guys who's like 'I gotta finish my record' when my wife's going through this but I felt like God went 'keep going, be there for her, keep doing the work that's in front of you and I'll be there for you guys.'
Lincoln Brewster

Initial Thought

I have heard Brewster's album several times, but this is the first time for me to buy the whole album and listen to it as an entity. After listen the whole album, I can tell that this album has more modern feeling in contemporary music.

The album also combines worship and happy tunes altogether just like many other worship albums. The huge difference here is on the guitar riff. This album have lots of guitar riff, showcasing Brewster's ability as a top notch guitarist.

Behind the Lyrics

Oxygen was created when Brewster's wife suddenly diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. While the fact that his wife is now cancer free, the album was greatly inspired from this moment. The lyrics behind the album are heavily talking about the inability to live without God.

Let's see some examples I have from listening to the album. Oxygen is talking about how God are our oxygen, our source of life, that if God not with us, is just the same as we die. Or let's take a look at Made New song. This song is talking about how we alive again after we make contact with God. He heals us and made us new because of God's presence.

Notion About Music

There are some songs that really tick my ears. The first one is the first song, Live to Praise You. It has this electronic music that used by many pop music nowadays. But of course added with a touch of Brewster's guitar rhythm and awesome riff as an interlude.

The second one is coming from the album title, Oxygen. It still uses the pop electronic music, but has a powerful lyric and again a great guitar riff follows as the interlude. The third one is You Never Stop. The song opens with funk rhythm then continued with dance pop music and of course funk interlude guitar riff.

Worship Moment

Like many Contemporary Christian music, Oxygen also has some worship songs on the list. Like There is Power that talking about power that only come in the name of Jesus. On Our Side is talking about renewed mercy that will make us believe that God is on our side now and forever. Other songs are about God’s caring in all of our problems and how He put all of our broken pieces altogether .

Favorite Tracks

My favorite track would be You Never Stop and Oxygen


Oxygen is a great Contemporary Christian album. While it has lot of similarities with the other album in the same genre, the way Brewster played his music from his hearts has taken this album into another level.

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Oxygen by Lincoln Brewster 4.5 Modern Jamming Aug 28, 2014