Payphone by Maroon 5 (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

Payphone by Maroon 5 is one of the greatest hits in 2012. It was also one of Abraham’s favorite song during that year. It’s like almost every radio in town played that song, at least once. Though it is not a brand new song, we must have been still heard this song played everywhere. Let's peek our cover chart this week of Payphone..

3. Jayeslee

If we can describe this Jayeslee cover based on Payphone lyric, it goes something like : It's even harder to picture that Jayeslee's not here in the list. Seriously, this two young girls sweet harmonization makes Payphone sounds better than the original version.

2. Crown The Empire

We're pretty sure that this will be the most unique Payphone cover on YouTube so far. This American metal core band change the whole song, obviously, into metal rock. Actually, if we could exclude the underground screaming part, the music arrangement and the key twist were really awesome and cool.

1. Pentatonix

Don't get us wrong if we put Pentatonix on our number #1, again. When you watch their version of Payphone, you will know the reason of why we love Ptx so much.