Planetshakers Limitless Album Review

It’s been a while since we’re listening to Planetshakers. But we get all excited again after knowing about their latest album. After all, Planetshakers is one of our favourite Christian Rock Band. And since this is our first album review, we decided to review their latest album, Limitless.

What is Limitless (Introduction)

Limitless is the 27th album of PS. Recorded Live on PS Conference 2012 conference, they released this album on January 15, 2013. This album features Joth Hunt as producer, worship leader, and songs composer, Sam Evans as co-founder and also worship leader, BJ Pridham on acoustic guitar, and worship leader. Chelsi Nikkerud, Natalie Ruiz, Liz Webber as backing vocals and Mike Webber as drummer. Limitless, contains 13 tracks, consisting of 6 upbeat songs and 7 ballads. Here is the track list :

Song List

  1. Let Praise Awaken (P) - Download on iTunes
  2. Put Your Hands Up (P) - Download on iTunes
  3. Limitless (P) - Download on iTunes
  4. Your Name Brings Healing To Me (W) - Download on iTunes
  5. Great Is Your Love (W) - Download on iTunes
  6. This One Thing (W) - Download on iTunes
  7. The Anthem (W) - Download on iTunes
  8. This Is The Day (P) - Download on iTunes
  9. I’m Gonna Praise (P) - Download on iTunes
  10. O My Heart Sings (W) - Download on iTunes
  11. Rain (W) - Download on iTunes
  12. You Are Stronger (W) - Download on iTunes
  13. Rise Up (P) - Download on iTunes

*) (P) = Praise / upbeat - (W) = Worship / ballad

General Opinion

Da Singer Point of View

When I started listening to this album, the first thing that crossed my mind was : who is that singing on the lead? I miss the typical voice of my favorite PS band main vocalist, Henry Seeley. As it turns out, Henry was no longer worship leading for Planetshakers since 2009 because he wants to make space for the younger to lead. His last appearance was on Planetshakers 2009 album One. Personally, I like Henry Seeley’s voice better than Joth’s. Henry has raspy voice and the thickness of the vocal cords while Joth’s voice is clearer and brighter. For me, Henry was carrying the image of Planetshakers and it's hard for me to change that color and image with the new lead.

The change of the leader also means the change of the composer of most of PS song. PS fans surely know that majority of the songs are written and composed by their worship leader. Joth's songwriting skill is quite impressive, with the first song ever known composed by him is Nothing is Impossible. However, Josh is a little bit lacking of creativity when making new songs, because all of his songs were slightly identical to one another. But in this album, Joth is kind of nail it. He's improved and come with new spirit for this album. That makes me quite impressed with this album.

The things I love the most about this album are the praise songs. The first and second track (Let Praise Awaken and Put Your Hands Up) is the most surprising, because those songs are mixed with modern electronic beats. Actually, the intro of both songs reminds me of US secular pop songs (which I can’t mention it here), which makes me a bit uncomfortable when hearing the intro. But the melodies of the songs are original and still become enchanting songs for me. The best praise song in this album is on their third song (Limitless). Limitless, which also used as the album title, is the greatest track among all of the tracks here. The intro, the melodies of the song, the lyrics, the keys, and the bridge are perfect. And by the way, this song also has a music videos and it already posted on YouTube several month before this album was released.

For the rest of the tracks, I also love I’m Gonna Praise (9th track). It has a key-twist on the second verse right before the chorus that makes this song quite special. Also the shout are easy to remember and makes us want to sing along when we hear that song

Now for the ballad songs, the song that I like the most is The Anthem (7th track). Not only because it has a lyrical depth and ear-catchy melodies, it also co-composed by my favourite Henry Seeley.

Da Musician Point of View

I’m a huge fan of Planetshakers music. Not because they give a huge amount of energy in their music, but sometimes I really can’t believe that this is a music from a Christian band.

Limitless is also the same. As their latest album, Limitless is trying to present a limitless music that praising the Limitless Lord. And really this vision is somewhat reflected in their music.

I’m totally agree with Natasha in a way that in this album, all the praise songs are totally awesome. Their first song Let Praise Awaken is an electronic rock music that suits well to start an album. I really love the interlude when the bass playing a funk note continued with reminder that this music is created as an electronic music. Powerful ending concludes this song as a great opening.

Put Your Hands Up as their second song also starts with a trance keyboard synth. Planetshakers might want to introduce us a new genre that is Electronic Rock. Can’t wait to see this concept more in their album. Their third song Limitless, also kept as their album title, in my opinion is their best song in this album. They put a great energy in this song. I love the chorus after the Reff. I think it gives a great energy to the song that makes me want to jump around while shouting You’re Limitless.. Nothing is too high for You.

Next up is a song called Your Name Brings Healing To Me. This worship song gives us a great composition after enormous energy spent from previous song. One of my other favorite song in this album is The Anthem. This song is stucked hard in my mind a lot. Has a really great energy and ending. A very typical kind of warming up music before a medium beat music in their next song.

I’m Gonna Praise as the ninth track showcase a trully total rock music composition, no electronic nor trance keyboard synth in this song. It’s Planetshakers in their old day. Their last song, Rise Up shows us the meaning of this album. Their first word in this song Take us to another level is a sublime description of this album. This last song conclude this album as another level of Planetshakers. A new genre that I think might be shown again in their next album, Electronic Rock.

 Planetshakers - Limitless 2013

Planetshakers - Limitless 2013

Limitless album cover, although design wise in my opinion is not as good as their previous album, but I still get their message. I get that they’re trying to explain us the endless limit through their curve stack of Limitless typography. Accompanied with a gradient color masking, they’re definitely trying to show us an endless limit in this album. And it works for me.

Recommended Songs

Da Singer Recommendation

I have three songs recommended for this album.

  • Limitless (3rd track)

  • The Anthem (7th track)

  • I’m Gonna Praise (9th track)

Da Musician Recommendation

While two of the songs from Natasha’s recommendation is the same as mine, I think I prefer Let Praise Awaken rather than I’m Gonna Praise.


Da Singer Conclusion

Overall, this is a great album and the greatest album so far in Joth Hunt’s era. Meanwhile, the previous albums (Even Greater – 2010, Nothing is Impossible – 2011, and Heal Our Land – 2012) were not so good and lack of songwriting creativity. Let’s hope that Joth and friends can bring PS glory days of songwriting in the next album and above all, hope that they will always have a heart of worship Jesus alone.

Da Musician Conclusion

I love this album, I think the transition between Praise songs and Worship songs really suits well. As a whole album, I think it has a great balance between song. Best songs in this album I think is Limitless and The Anthem. And Let Praise Awaken will be my most unexpected song. Great job and great album. Started with a high energy music, ended with an even higher. A very recommended album for those who loves Christian Rock Music.

We’re both agree that best song in this album is Limitless. So check out our cover for our most favorite song here. And download their album on iTunes here.

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