Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons was one of the hit songs in 2013. If you claim an alternative rock songs lover, you should have known this American rock band. They also have a great achievement back then such as Grammy Award winner of Best Rock Performance, Grammy nominations for Record of the Year, and also became a top 20 songs in several countries across the world. So here’s our favorite cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

3. Wine Lounge

To start, we found some group in YouTube that doing some jazz improvisation of Radioactive. This video was taken in Apple Valley, CA played by the local band there. It will be great if they made this version made into studio recording.

2. Our Last Night

Next stop is coming from Our Last Night. Our Last Night have always done some hard metal rock improvisation in every song that they covered. However even though the song coming from rock genre, Our Last Night could improvise the song so it feels like it was a different song. Besides they made the song into more metalcore with their screams, they changes the music arrangement as well.

1. Lindsey Striling feat. Pentatonix (PTX)

Well, famous song will always attract some creative people, to prove that they still can show another way to enjoy that song. A famous dubstep violinist and dancer, Lindsey Stirling featuring Pentatonix proves that even a song that was great originally can still be enjoyed in a different point of view. This arrangement feels cleaner and smoother than the original, yet made this version be our most favorite cover of the song.