Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) Hamanasha Favorite Cover

It’s another review of cover from one of the world famous song. Back then in 2010, Only Girl by Rihanna has received such a good response being the winner of Best Dance Recording in 2011 Grammy Award. We find some of our favorite cover of this song, that of course have uniqueness that separate each cover from another. To be honest, this song has a bunch of astonishing covers that makes us confused to decide which one is the best. Almost every genre remake of this song can be found on YouTube. This time we went with our 5 top picks from every genre that we found interesting for Only Girl. Check our list out.

5. Mr Revillz

For all electronic music lovers don't worry, we also found a nice remix of Only Girl that sung by another singer. Although coming from a same genre, this cover version still gives different touch from the original. Even better, with some touch, it even elevates the song into an enjoyable head-pump disco song.

4. Alana Marie

Next up is the bossa version. This version gives you a chill feeling when listening to the song. It has a ‘cafe’ feeling when you enjoy a cup of tea while having some snack. Or when in the evening moment when you enjoy time together with your family, this rendition will suit that moment. Awesome.

3. Jus Goodie

Among all Only Girl's cover, you can't miss this one. This reggae version is unique, not only the change the genre completely, but also they change the way to sing it. Not only the melodies and the keys that being modified, the lyric was also slightly changed.

2. Scott Bradlee

Move up to number two is the talented Scott Bradlee. It has a great chord progression and variative sounds from different instruments. Like it wasn't enough, it also showcase the beautiful voice from the singer. It didn't even sound like the original. Simply beautiful rendition.

1. FLR Project

FLR was actually named their genre as "Dirty Loop Style". For all of you that may not know, Dirty Loop is the name of another band with no particular genre. They just played on their own with a high musical complexity. FLR is like a second generation of Dirty Loop that covered different songs than Dirty Loops but offer the same quality playing as Dirty Loops. The one big difference of FLR and Dirty Loops located on their singer. FLR's singer didn't interpret the melodies good enough, so it feels like the singing part didn't keep up with the musical progression the band produced. Despite of that lacking, this version is still amazing.

If you're curios about more Only Girls amazing cover, you can check out our complete playlist on Youtube below :