Our favorite cover of Royals by Lorde

Welcome Music Jammers! This week, we’ve examined a song titled Royals by Lorde. Honestly, we have just known about this singer for the past few days. We are amazed by her talent, because she composed her own songs in such a young age. Lorde, who’s born in 1996, is making her way straightly to top of Billboard Hot 100 chart this week. Since we are obsessed by this song, here is the top 3 of the best cover of Royals. Check’em out!

3. Walk off The Earth

Walk off the Earth is famous for their fun music arrangement accoustic. This goes the same with their cover on Royals. They put on a funny pose as they sing the cover and passing ukulele around the member while keep singing impassive. A definitely put a wide smile on my face while watching to this cover. Support their cover song here, and their album here

2. Pentatonix

If Pentatonix covers a song, they will definitely be on the top 3. For all of those who don’t know about them, Pentatonix is the most sensational acapella group ever existed. They consist of 5 people, 3 of vocals, 1 on bass vocal, and 1 on beatbox. Yup, they don’t use another instruments and it’s very hard to believe that all those incredible sounds are came out from their mouth! Download their song here

1. Mayer Hawthrone

This is the coolest cover of Royals!! Hawthrone and the band did arrange this song unexpectedly awesome. Well, this is more like another version of Royals than a cover. They made it this song funk that sounds so groovy. Only one word can describe it: classy.