Say Something by A Great Big World (Favorite Cover by Hamanasha

So it's early of the week and we looked up for some good song to be featured as our cover review this week. After some look-up, we decided to feature cover review of American pop duo, A Great Big World's Say Something. The down-tempo pop ballad makes this awesome song a bit hard to be interpret. Most of the YouTube artists there made a beautiful interpretation in terms of voice, but not the music. Luckily, we found three amazing covers of the song that not only have beautiful voices, but change the music arrangement too. So, here is our top three favorite covers of Say Something by A Great Big World.

3. The Sam Willows

First up coming from Singaporean indie-folk quartet, The Sam Willows. This quartet put a nice combination of the voices as well as a neat music production. This made them to our top three favorite cover this week.

2. PTX

Our number two pick this week coming from the original PTX. This time they put the combination of Kevin's ability to play cello as well as his beatbox skill. Awesome interpretation!

1. Scott Bradlee

It's not the first time we decided to feature this vintage concept band. But as our reason that always look for creative rendition of the original song, we choose this version as our number one pick for this song. Scott's team creatively choose a slow rock version to bring a ballad vintage feeling.


When we're looking for cover of the song, we stumbled into this great rendition of non-profit ministry called WorshipMob. You can check their website for free worship music at worshipmob.com. The song might be just the same at the first 3 mins, but then you will see how awesome their rendition version is. Also, they changed the lyric so you can see why they called themselves a WorshipMob.