Shout to the Lord Most Favorite Cover

This week we decided to feature one of the most famous worship song in the whole world. Featured in more than 15 albums worldwide, covered by lots of famous artist, we will give you our top 3 cover for the famous worship anthem Shout to the Lord.

3. American Idol season 7

Our first pick is a “Shout to the Lord” cover by the top 8 of season 7 American Idol. Afterall, how can a double D “David Cook” and “David Archuleta” sings cover and not chosen. Although there was some controversy with an altered change in the lyric, the song was performed again at the opening of the next show the following night, this time using the original lyrics and still give us an awesome moment from it.

2. Ruben Studdard

Next up is the winner of second season American Idol, Ruben Studdard. Included in his second sudio album called I Need An Angel, he covers Shout to the Lord accompanied with an orchestra. A great piece of work.

1. Rodrigo Rodriguez

Our last pick, in our opinion is the best interpretation for this song. As we both playing guitar, we think that playing a song producing a chord and melody at the same time is incredibly difficult. But Rodrigo Rodriguez, besides able to produce both chord and melody at the same time, he also gives us some kind of dramatic act where it has the climax-anti climax section inside it.