Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (Hamanasha Favorite Review)

It’s another time for our favorite song. This time it’s Smooth Criminal from the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Smooth Criminal comes with incredible lean movement that seems impossible and also great music. It has also reached a global acceptance and receiving so many awards. Starting from Brit Awards, Critic’s Choice Award, and People’s Choice Awards all in the same year. So here it is, our favorite cover for Smooth Criminal.

3. Coquetel

Our first pick come from Portuguese Rock Band called Coquetel. The thing that separate this cover from rock version cover from Alien Ant Farm is the tempo and interlude. We totally in love with the interlude that put lots of groove in it. Enjoy!

2. J.Viewz

Next up is jazzy tone from J. Viewz. They successfully arrange the song into what you can expect from a jazz version of Smooth Criminal. A very calm and sooth tone, yet still has enough groove to pump your head.


This rendition is so awesome, it has so little similarity with the original Smooth Criminal. It even change the tempo a lot in ‘are you okay Annie’ question and put sambe afterwards. Oh and not to mention the interlude. Awesome!