Switchfoot - Fading West (Album Review)

There’re only a few bands that releasing movie accompanied with their album. When they did something like that, they should have a special reason for it.

Same goes with Fading West from Switchfoot. Before they released their 9th album to public in January 14th, 2014, Switchfoot put an accompanying film/documentary with the same title premiered in September 20,2013.

Switchfoot is a popular alternative rock group with hit song like Dare to Move - Buy the song on iTunes and Dark Horses - Buy the song on iTunes. According to allmusic.com, Switchfoot was originally known with straightforward punk-influenced rock of their earlier work. But during their next album Switchfoot has slowly changed their music into a more secular-friendly music.

As one of the highly anticipated album in 2014, Fading West sold 39,000 units in its first week of the release in the U.S. This sold record has made Switchfoot debut at number six on the Billboard 200 chart.

Musically speaking, this album was the most challenging we've ever faced. (And all of that without mentioning the challenge of creating our own indie film at the same time!) Suffice it to say we’re very proud of the final outcome. We’re thankful to be on the other side and we can’t wait for you to hear the songs that the journey produced. - Jon Foreman (Switchfoot Lead Vocals - Guitar)

Why we love (Opinion)

Abraham's Opinion

I’ve listened a few times to some of Switchfoot’s song like Dare To Move and Dark Horse. However, Fading West is my first Switchfoot’s album. But after I listened to their whole album, its quite surprising how they change again their music style. Well it’s not changed significantly but still it really sounds different from what I've heard from Switchfoot before.

Anyway, I still enjoy the album. The majority of the music style sounds a little bit similar with the latest work from UK rock band, Coldplay. However, with this kind of music style, I felt like I’m not listening to a usual American Christian music which is somehow separate this band with other American Christian band.

So if you love Coldplay’s music style, this album is a no brainer for you. As for myself, since I’m a fan of Coldplay too, I love almost all of the song in this album. The two first song in the album, Love Alone is Worth The Fight and Who We Are, released first as a single pretty much describe the music style throughout the album.

Say It Like You Mean It is one of my favorite song in this album, the bass opening accompanied with the voice effect, sounds like Muse's song to me. Ba55 is also pretty awesome. With the bass lick throughout the song really pull me as a bass player to listen this song more than once.

On the other hand, Let It Out music somehow really feels like a One Direction song. I don’t personally love the music style of One Direction, but somehow with that chorus repetition, I sang the song unconsciously.

Natasha's Opinion

To be honest it's my first time listening to Switchfoot's album completely, and I feel like I listen to Coldplay's album. Their alternative rock genre, the unison choir style, the main vocalist voice and the music arrangement, all of them are reminding me of that popular British band. Fortunately, these similarities didn't bother me at all, on the contrary I enjoyed this album so much. The entire song of this album have middle-up beat, even so each of song is easy to differ from one another.

An interesting thing about Switchfoot’s song writing style is the subject changes. On the solo parts the subject was “I” speaking as a person, but when the choir enters, the subject was changed into “we” as a group. So if you’re looking forward to cover Switchfoot’s song, make sure you pay attention to that detail, it’s like they really meant that song being sung by a group or solo.

Started with their first single hit of the album Love Alone is Worth the Fight. This song is already catchy to my ear, with a bright intro which repeated in interlude and ending. Followed with a child-like counting session from 1 to 5 in the opening of Who We Are, just like the song said that, “We were just kids just living in wide-eyed, innocence minivan floor like a tenement.”

There are several songs that captive my heart, one of them is Slipping Away. Actually my favourite part is when the choir sing “Remember that kid with the quivering lip, whose heart was on his sleeve like a first aid kit.” The choir harmonization was like alien style, so robotic and neat. The other song is Let It Out, I like the music and the beat on the chorus, they was making my head shaking like crazy. The lyric was so simple and the chorus was very easy to remember.

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

  • Who We Are
  • Say It Like You Mean It
  • Ba55

Natasha's Choice

  • Who We Are
  • Let It Out
  • Slipping Away


Abraham's Conclusion

If you’re a fan of Coldplay, you will want to check this album straightway. Even if you don’t, you still might want to check this album as they’re really different from other American Christian band.

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Natasha's Conclusion

This is my first Switchfoot, although I didn't compare this album with their previous albums, this album is very satisfying. Especially to all alternative rock’s fans, buying this album will be very worth it.

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