The Art of Celebration by Rend Collective - Folk Acoustic Album Review

I have been several times talking about how I love acoustic music. Luckily for me, there are so many musicians out there that keep providing me great quality of acoustic musics.

This time it's from Northern Irish folk rock band, Rend Collective. Coming with their fourth studio album, The Art of Celebration, the group brings message about how God wants us to celebrate joy for having faith in Him.

The Art of Celebration released worldwide on March 17, 2014. Rend Collective also reached a #1 position at Billboard Christian Albums.

Initial Thought

When I'm listening at the album first time, I felt the joy that comes from Rend Collective's music. It has a great positive energy coming from the rhythm of the acoustic guitar, as well as the passion of the singer.

I was also quite surprised when first time listening to Immeasurably More since I thought that this album will be full of folk session. As it turns out, Rend Collective put some other genres which add the variation in the album.

Behind the Lyrics

When I took a note while listening to the album, I can feel that the songs inside this album was telling all about happiness in following God, about how grateful we are. All those messages were spread consistently throughout the album.

Put aside Joy as this song obviously talking about The Art of Celebration. But the rest of the songs also talking about celebration. Burn Like Star talking about someone who is waiting eagerly and opens his heart widely to be flamed by God. Even one of the slowest tempo song in this album, All That I Am, also talking about giving up to the Lord because we have been freed by God. If that two examples don't enough, check out Simplicity. Simplicity, also as one of the song that has the slowest tempo, talking about gratefulness, how we love God.

Our Notion About Music

As always, simplicity and easy listening has always been priority of a folk band. The Art of Celebration also put that as their priority. I personally love Joy as the opening, I love the ukulele sounds that tinging throughout the first part of the song. When it continues with the Electric Guitar, it's like the song blows up, just like fireworks.

Meanwhile, the worship music is keeping the happy feeling of a celebration with a brighter music. Boldly I Approach with the sounds of violin and floor tom kept the song low as a worship song. But then it continues with a faster hit in the hanging toms as if the band want to increase the moment that this is a celebration ala Rend Collective.

Worship Moment

There are some songs that can be used as a worship song. More Than Conquerors, All That I Am, Immeasurably More, Finally Free, Simplicity, and Boldly I Approach. All these songs have a worship quality that can be used before praying or in the middle of praying. It will definitely put more intimate moment during prayer.

Favorite Tracks

Definitely Joy, My Lighthouse, and Boldly I Approach (The Art of Celebration).


The album title suits up with the song list. I think it can easily be added into anyone song collections, especially those that loves folk genre. Even for those who do not enjoy folk as much as I do, with variation in this album, you will find the album enjoyable. Let's celebrate !

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The Art of Celebration by Rend Collective 4.5 Modern Jamming Jul 22, 2014