The Undoing by Steffany Gretzinger - A Passionate Worship and Praying Album Review

Bethel Music has long been one of my favorite worship team in Christian Music industry. I've followed them since their TIDES and You Make Me Brave that just been released this year. Both of the album has been such a blessing for us, as a Christian individual that want to be a better person towards God.

One of my favorite female singer in Bethel Music beside Amanda Cook is Steffany Gretzinger. She has such a unique voice that can be distinguished even from mainstream singers. This unique voice has just released her first ever album in August 25th, 2014.

The album titled with The Undoing, trying to state that our lives are still under ongoing process until one time we meet face to face with God. During this process, we as Christians will have to remove all temporary worldly things from us. All of those things have to be removed until the eternal thing that God has brought to us when we were born is actually coming out.

The album consists of 11 tracks, all of them are written by Steffany. Some of the songs were co-written with another favorite singer of mine in Bethel Music, Amanda Cook, not to mention other amazing writers like Kyle Lee, Lauren Lee Gruber, Phillip LaRue, Gabriel Wilson, Nate Ward, and Maggie Ritchie.

Initial Thought

I love the moment when Stefanny sings a worship song. But in this album, I was given a chance to listen to her singing a faster tempo song. To be honest, I don't really enjoy the moment as much as when Stefanny sings a worship song. Her atmospheric voices which is her strong point aren't able to be shown when she sang a faster tempo song.

Behind the Lyrics

Stefanny is one of the most talented songwriter in this industry. Her choice of the words, how it matched so well with the song, is just one of her talent, not to mention the way she sings. Her way to sing every song passionately is an another powerful point in her talent.

In this album, there are really so many things going on behind the lyrics. As Stefanny put in her interview video, she prayed that this album would be a blessing and a reminder at the same time, to lead us into our own process. She also wanted to teach us how to worship God constantly, not only on Sunday or on the other days where you gathered with other Christians. It's all about your personal daily life with God.

Our Notion About Music

This is truly a worship and praying album, there are none of the songs that can be called a praise song. Most of he songs in this album were using only few musical instruments such as piano and acoustic guitar. The most interesting song when talking about the music is in Steady Heart. The song was backed with two background voices that act as a synthesizer, just like Glee's Don't Stop Believing.

Worship Moment

This is the place where the album shines bright. Stefanny encouraged us to have a relationship with God from the moment you open your eyes everyday. Morning Song as the first song in the album tells us to feel grateful about everything God has given to us even before the moment we opened up our eyes.

Constant One also can be used as a worship song. It is about how we can sing to thank God for His love and mercy that always renewed everyday. It's also said God will always search for us to take us back to Him. The song is so beautiful and heart warming.

Another heart warming song for me is Out of Hiding. It's a song that take the perspective of God. While praying, you can use this song to feel the kindness and warmness of God. Another song that literally take the same perspective is Cecie's Lullaby. It's about a Father talk to His children, to comfort them and make them feel safe while staying around their Dad.

My most favorite song is the reprise version from Tides album, Letting Go. Using only acoustic guitar, the song encourages us to let go our feeling and just falling into God. Sometimes when we got stuck in our relationship with God, we just have to let it go and surrender to God, let Him take care of the rest and win us back.

Another gorgeous songs is coming from Open Up Let the Light in. The song is only consist of the word : Open up let the light in. But it really suits to worship moment, since it has a beautiful music composition that will supporting and elevating your prayer and worship time.

Favorite Tracks

My favorite tracks are Letting Go and Out of Hiding (Father's Song).


Compared to what most worship album could be, Stefanny's The Undoing felt more warmheartedly as it kept the composition simple yet send the punch accurately. While most albums used more atmospheric music and feeling, she kept it personal, it feels like she's talking directly to you and encourage you personally.


The Undoing is a masterpiece in worship album. Although I don’t really like Stefanny doing praise songs, the worship songs are a blessing for me. It’s an album that you want to buy for worshiping God and praying to Him.

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The Undoing by Steffany Gretzinger 4.5 Modern Jamming Sep 10, 2014