This is Our Time by Planetshakers (Album Review)

I'm quite surprised at the lineup album for this week releases. It has Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac, Newsboys, and the most surprising is Planetshakers. Yep, usually Planetshakers is releasing their album once every year. But this time, their latest album This is our Time, is released in the same year as their previous one, Endless Praise.

This Is Our Time released on Oct 7, 2014 and is their 30th album (not including two compilation albums). The album itself has so much positive feedbacks and for a moment topped the U.S iTunes chart in Christian & Gospel genre.

In this 30th album, for the first time ever, the band collaborated with the Gospel legend, Israel Houghton. Both of them worked on some of the worship songs, Covered, Stronger Than a Thousand Seas, and The Water Is Rising.

Initial Thought

On my initial thought, I don't think this album can be compared to Endless Praise. This album is focused on worship songs rather than on praise songs which Endless Praise is more focused to. I love the outcome of the songs that Planetshakers has done with Israel, it gives different feeling toward what Planetshakers usually would produce.

Behind the Lyrics

In This is Our Time, Planetshakers try to strengthen our bound with God, to feel the greatness of God throughout the album. Three of the early songs clearly celebrate the happiness and joy of praising God's greatness.

The next four songs are worship songs. Leave Me Astounded, a song that is taken from the previous album is stating about God's love. The next three songs are the result of collaboration with Israel Houghton. Lyric wise, the meaning is still kept simple like many other PS songs. But the vocabulary felt different, it has that poetic choice of words. Something that unusually found in Planetshakers album.

The next two songs is back to praise songs again. Again, it's never too far from God's love theme, as if Planetshakers wants to remind us about how great God's love to us.

After four worship songs including the famous hymn He Touched Me and powerful anthem Holy, the live album is closed with Abba Father. Only because of our Father's true love, we want to always look for Him.

Notion About Music

Despite the awesome lyrical moment in the worship songs, there haven't been that much progression in the praise music. The praise songs have been dominated with EDM music. This might have been shown a little bit in the previous album, but this time they're all out in using EDM for the praise songs. So you can expect trance, synthesizer, and some dubstep running around in the praise songs.

Nevertheless the worship songs' music is still remain of all what you know from Planetshakers. Even collaboration with Israel didn't change the music style. It's still using the rock beat of drum in the end of the song combined with soft sound of piano in the beginning.

However, I got some songs that really catch my ears. The first one is It's Your Love. Somehow the song's intro reminds me of Wake Me Up When September End by Green Day. But after the intro, the song became a mix between pop rock added with a lil bit synthesizer in it.

The other song that catches my ears is Sing It Again. The song is started slow, but after the chorus ends, the real song begins to show a lil bit of its real 'identity'. The climax of the song is started from the bridge to the end. It easily become my favorite song in the album.

Abba Father is the only song in this album that recorded in studio. It brings a pop acoustic genre, a genre that not usually used by Planetshakers but might open up a fresh possibility to new listeners.

Worship Moment

This is Our Time totally can be a perfect worship album companion. The album has amazing worship songs, not because of poetical lyrics, but just because it was made for worshiping God. Leave Me Astounded is the perfect example for simple worship moment. Taken from the previous album, it's a song that only God's love that can satisfy us and His great love so great it left us astounded by it.

As stated above, three songs that collaborated together with Israel Houghton has indeed brought some changes into the song but still kept simple by the writer. Covered was all talking about grace, how we saved by grace, how our sins covered, it'll be a perfect song for someone that feel guilty for their sins.

Also a powerful hymn He Touched Me kicks in the later of the album to state how God is ready to lift every of our problem. The album itself consists of many simple worship song that done their job perfectly. Not to mention the incredibly powerful voice of the female worship leader, when she lead Holy with a spontaneous worship.

Favorite Tracks

My favorite tracks are Sing it Again, It's Your Love, and He Touched Me.


I love this album despite the praise songs. All of the worship songs have been such a blessing to listen. I'm recommending this album to all Planetshakers fan obviously, but also to everyone that looking for a worship songs. The praise songs maybe are not spectacular, but the worship will bless you a lot.

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