This is What It Feels Like by Armin van Buuren (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

We think this is the first time we ever decided to review a song that originally come from Europe. This time the song coming from Dutch’s famous DJ Armin van Buuren, “This is What It Feels Like”. The song itself is a dance-electronic genre and Grammy Award Nomination for Best Dance Recording. Since this is a dance genre, you can expect a lot of remix version of this song in the net. But, we have managed to get three of our favourite cover that create their own interpretation of the song. Again, for the first time, the three of them coming from European artists. Awesome.

3. Sarah Bettens

First one coming from Belgium singer, Sarah Bettens. Although the voice is quite pitchy at the start, she changed the song note a little bit and put her heart when singing this song. With that fact, we get the feeling that Sarah put and then put Sarah Bettens as our number three of our favourite cover.

2. Madyon

Second one coming from Italian’s Madyon. This version is also not much different with the original one in terms of music chord progression. However, we love how Madyon put a neat interpretation of the song. Their neat music style put a nice tone in our ears when listening to it. Nice work.

1. Sven Hammond Soul

Our first pick coming from Netherland Band called Sven Hammond Soul. Yep, as you can guess, the rendition by the guys from Sven is a soul/slow-rock version. And yes, you right again, this is a different version from the original one. Enjoy!