Halloween Most Favorite Cover - Thriller

To celebrate Halloween next Wednesday, we’re choosing a Halloween theme for our covers review. Speaking about Halloween, the best song that suits the most is of course the King of Pop's song, Thriller. Released at 1983, the video itself had become a great showcase why Michael Jackson was and will always be the King of Pop; and we've picked our 3 most favorite covers for Thriller.

3. Bailey Pelkman

Our number 3 is an acoustic version that came from a Canadian songwriter Bailey Pelkman. She has a unique voice that brings the mood of smooth jazz to a pop song like Thriller. A great cover.

2. Phillip Phillips

Next one for Thriller is coming from the winner of American Idol season 11, Phillip Phillips. He is well-known as a country singer that brings his guitar everywhere while he’s singing. This cover is also showing Phillip Phillips' country touch that brings enjoyment to everyone who watch and listen to this song.

1. Duwende

Our first choice this week is an a capella cover from Duwende. This a capella group has just won the 2005 and 2008 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards for Best Pop/Rock Album and Best Pop/Rock Original Song from The Contemporary A cappella Society. So, enjoy their amazing cover that we picked as our most favorite cover for Thriller.