Time Stands Still by Family Force 5 - Electronic meets Rock Album Review

It's both a relief and grief for me when finding a good Christian music. It's a relief because there are still lots of musicians out there that creating good music for praising and worshiping God, but it's a grief at the same time because I regret to not discover this music earlier.

Family Force 5 is one of Christian band that I felt sorry for discovering them just recently. Formed in 1993, this Atlanta Christian rock band had released so many albums (4 studio albums, 2 remix albums) and EPs (total 9 EPs).

A week ago, Family Force 5 released their latest studio album called Time Stand Still. After a few days released into the wild, the album claimed #1 spot in US iTunes chart in Christian & Gospel category. It also put in the top 100 of all music chart in iTunes.

Initial Thought

First time listening to the album, the thought that coming into my mind was that this album is different with most of the songs in Christian industry. Especially when I first listen the first two tracks of the album, Sweep the Leg and BZRK. The sound of the distortion combined with electronic dance sound really pump me a lot. It feels like the band ask me to jump around.

Overall, the first impression that i got after listening the whole album is "Wow this album is fun!". With a total of 15 songs, Family Force 5 has put their best effort to offer something entirely new in Christian music industry.

A combination between K-Pop music in BZRK or XRAY, and One Direction style in Walk On Water has shown their musicality. A musical taste that kept ask us not to just sit but dance together with them.

Behind the Lyrics

Time Stands Still is separated into two different type of songs. The first type coming with fun, weird, party kind of lyrics. While the other one coming with more meaningful, inspiring, worship tracks.

Worship Moment

The second part of the album that coming with more meaningful lyrics can actually be included in any worship songs if only Family Force 5 put it in a slower tempo (most of the songs are in fast tempo). Let It Be Love is one of the few songs that can be counted as a worship song. Speaking about dark way that can be lighten with love. It's heavily talk about love and can be used as a worship song (but still in Family Force 5 style).

The other songs are Never Say Never. The song is all about motivation, about how you can't never give up since the impossible is possible because His love is unstoppable and God always holds us forever.

Notion About Music

I simply love the music. I think their creativity is in another level. To be able to produce this kind of music while actually being a rock band has shown enough evidence of their creativity.

Sweep The Leg opens the album with their true identity as a rock band. In this song however, the band slips some clue about how the entire album will sounds like. Next track, BZRK shows an entire different feeling, from a rock distortion to a electronic music and from a scream to a rap music. It continues to change into a more pop song in Show Love, then change again in Time Stands Still with back to electronic pop and continued afterwards with my favorite songs in this album Walk On Water.

The distortion are back with Glow in the Dark and combined with dance feeling, it will easily be a favorite song to every young people that still have tons of energy within. Raised by Wolves is an Alter Bridge kind of song, with a heavy distortion and lead drum beats, this is a truly heavy rock song.

The beats were turning down a bit with Jet Pack Kicks and XRAY until finally it finished with This is My Year as the closing song. This time, they used Bee Gees style with falsetto singers and rather oldies dance song. Overall, this album really satisfies me both as a listener and Christian music's lover.

Favorite Tracks

Raised by Wolves and Walk On Water are two most my favorite tracks in this album.


I simply don't have enough compliment words to say how much I love Family Force 5's work. Through this album I sincerely hope that they will be advancing even more with their creativity and keep creating a great music.

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Time Stands Still by Family Force 5 5 Modern Jamming Aug 14, 2014