Treasure by Bruno Mars (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

There aren't many popular songs nowadays, that has chosen funk as their genre. Most of the artists have not been able to bring funk music in a modern way (of course Daft Punk excluded for this matter).

So when Treasure brought in by Bruno Mars, it automatically received a great attention for its funky tone. The attention proved well with the song performances. It was charted inside the top 10 in 18 countries all over the world.

Well, with great music comes a great responsibility. Both me and Natasha have agreed that although Treasure has a great music, it dragged most of the YouTube artists out there from creating their own original version. Even so, we picked three unique covers of Treasure.

3. Music Everywhere feat. Maudy Ayunda

First one coming from our home country, Indonesia. Well this is the first time we ever picked a song from our own country. But quality speaks, this cover version by a television show called Music Everywhere is mindblowing. It has a great music tone that will funk up your day. Enjoy.

2. The Portnoy Brothers

The second one coming from Jerusalem based musicians. Among other covers, this version is one of few covers that decided to go with original version, but still keep the funk note there. It's an original funk acoustic by the Portnoy Brothers.

1. Voca People

And our number one pick coming from aliens of planet Voca (check out their website for their hilarious description of themselves). So Voca People created their own arrangement of Treasure with a capella and a bunch of funny synthesizer beat box voices in the middle of the song. Not mentioning their cute white costume in the video.