Tye Tribbett - Greater Than (Album Review)

After reviewing Mandisa’s Overcomer last week, this week we would like to review another Grammy’s winner. Tye Tribbett has also won big in 56th Grammy Award by winning two awards, Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Song.

Both of us have been always in love with Gospel songs. We started in love with gospel song by listening to Israel Houghton, then goes to Fred Hammonds and finally Tye Tribbett.

Tye Tribbett released his fifth album on August 6th, 2013. And just like the other gospel album, it is filled with nice repetition and extravagant choir.

Upon launching his album, Tye Tribbett and G.A (short for Greater Anointing) debuts at #1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums Chart, #4 on the Top Digital Albums chart and #9 on Billboard’s Top 200. That is a great achievement, and not only that, Tye also receives a positive reviews from New York Times.

According to ichoosegospel.com, Tye’s Greater Than was released in an event at Detroit, Motown’s birthplace, at the Greater Grace Temple.

Tribbett’s album release event was held in Detroit, Motown’s birthplace, at the Greater Grace Temple.… Over 5,000 people attended the standing room only event, and more than 2,000 people had to be turned away once the church was full to capacity.

Why we love Tye’s Greater Than

Abraham's Opinion

As stated above, Me and Natasha is a Gospel lover. We even did a cover of Fred Hammond’s Hold On a few months ago. I have lots of thing to love about Gospel songs, the bass, the drums, and especially the syncopation, not to forget the beautiful voices of the background voices.

However, Tye’s energetic worship leading really brings the songs in this album into another gospel level. I honestly think the album is not that much of what you can expect from an ordinary gospel album. Yet, the elements of gospel are still there. The syncopation, the G.A, the bass, the drums, all the elements of gospel still can be found in each song.

Nobody, the first track of the album shows how energetic Tye praising the Lord. With lots of shout, synthesizer, beating bass, and drums, the song opens up the album really well.

Not only on the first track, the second track with You Are Everything and third with Stayed on You, Tye continues to pump our head upside down. This time with a dance genre that honestly really doesn’t sound like gospel at all. However, all the gospel elements still there that made this song enjoyable as ever.

Oh and about the song entitled the same with the album, Greater Than. Yes, indeed it’s a gospel song, a slower tempo ballad song that really shows G.A powerful voices and the musical ability of the band behind Tye.

I love how the tempo keep changing in Better. Well, the opening of the song is already amazing. Gospel-ish style tom-tom from the drum suggests me it will be a high tempo song rather than a medium to slow tempo kind of song. However, the song keep changing its tempo, from slow to medium, back to slow again. Love this one.

Another reason I love gospel is how creative they can be, changing a well-known song into their own song. Overcome from Desperation Band is covered by Tye and of course he puts his little gospel touch. I love the way he screams in the middle and the song, and of course don’t forget about his trademark high-pitched scream that always appear in his every song.

After a series of worship songs including 8 mins of worship medley, he back again with a powerful waltz song through He Turned It. Once you listen to this song, I bet you will want to listen to it one more time.

Tye and G.A’s last song, If He Dit it Before…Same God really describe why it has become the best gospel song in Grammy 2014. It has an easy to remember lyric while keep maintaining the great music. It deserves the title in my opinion.

Natasha's Opinion

When Abraham told me that Tribbett was the winner of Grammy’s 2014 for Best Gospel Album, I expected that I would listen to another Israel Houghton and New Breed. In fact, Tribbett has a very different style than Houghton but still the skills of the musicians are incredible. The line between praise and worship songs was blurred in this album, because mostly the praise songs are started with slow tempo like it’s the beginning of worship time, but gradually the beat was rising, it became praise songs. Tribbett and the band were often plays with the tempo, each song is unpredictable.

This album was recorded live. Started with Nobody, this song is instantly be my favourite, with upbeat tempo this song is really pumped up the atmosphere of praise. Next up, we have You Are Everything, which is the start of tempo confusion for the listener. It was stared with Tribbett solo of ballad song along with electronic slow beat, but when the solo ended, the choir enters with upbeat shouts. Then when the solo part was back, the tempo was slowing down again.

The third song has an upbeat tempo, Stayed On You really makes you want to bang our heads and clapping our hands along with the beat from the snare drum. Then we continue to You Are Good, it was started as a worship song, but we can’t be so sure, after we listen to the chorus, the beat was rising. This song has a simple lyric, repetitive and easy to remember. This song was being the gate to worship time.

Adoration moment was started with Greater Than which has a stressing point of telling that our God is greater than anything. Followed by sweet female choir voices in the beginning of Beauty For Ashes, a worship song that tells about how God turn all pain and worst thing into the most beautiful thing. The game is on, Better has an up and down tempo on the whole song. Actually this song was hard to be sung along, so I recommend you just listening and enjoying the song.

Overcome, What Can I Do, and The Worship Medley was pretty much can be classified into worship categories. In this part, Tribbett was focused on worship God without much music improvisation.

After the worship time, Tribbett was back to the show with He Turned It. This song is very vibrant and delightful. We can also be cheered up with this song.

At last but not least, If He Dit it Before…Same God, the Grammy winning song that has a very cool R&B beat. This also be my favourite song in this album, I like the chorus part when the beat is on. This song was very unpredictable till the end.

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

My choice would be Nobody, Better, He Turned It, and If He Did it Before…Same God.

Natasha's Choice

Nobody and If He Did it Before…Same God

Track List

  1. Nobody (Live)
  2. You Are Everything (Live)
  3. Stayed On You (Live)
  4. You Are Good (Live)
  5. Greater Than (Live)
  6. Beauty For Ashes (Live)
  7. Better (Live)
  8. Overcome (Live)
  9. What Can I Do (Live)
  10. The Worship Medley (There Is Nothing Like/Glory To God Forever) [Live]
  11. He Turned It (Live)
  12. If He Did It Before....Same God (Live)

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Abraham's Conclusion

Overall this is a great album that can be used either for praising or worshipping God, even if you don’t so much into gospel, you can still enjoy the album. It really deserves to be the best gospel album at the Grammy.

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Natasha's Conclusion

Though I prefer Houghton and New Breed than Tribbett, I am still highly recommending this album. This album can be one of your best experience of listening to gospel music album in your life. You should follow Natasha on her twitter here


Natasha's Rating

Abraham's Rating