Unconditionally by Katy Perry (Hamanasha's Favorite Cover)

Hey Guys, it’s time for our cover review again. After awhile working with some video editing, we’re finally back to our weekly routine again. This time we decided to review Katy’s latest single from her album PRISM, Unconditionally.

First up is a beautiful acoustic version come from Chance Chantry. He did it pretty well to open the song with cello. With such a strong voice, we decided to put Chance Chantry in our list of favorite cover for Unconditionally.

Next is coming from Anoop Desai that has a smooth voice. Eventhough the music doesn’t differ that much with the original one, his bright and clear voice can really capture someone’s hearts.

Our number 1 pick comes from super-talented young man, Jervy Hou, that manages to create such a beautiful instrumental cover. With the way he plays the piano, it reminds me to one of the best instrumental cover in YouTube, The Piano Guys. Not only the piano, he also skillfuly played the guitar, drum, even trumpet. Not forget to mention the beauty of the dance move performed in the video, it's just a perfect art-work.