Hold On, We're Going Home - 3 Most Favorite Cover

Drake has been known as a great R&B rapper and singer. His album, Thank Me Later has been topped Billboard 200 in 2010. This Canadian singer has also famous for being a songwriter for other artists including Alicia Keys and Jamie Foxx. In 2013, Drake's second single from third studio album, Nothing was the Same, topped number 1 chart in Billboard R&B Songs, so we will give you our three favorite cover for Hold On, We're Going Home by Drake.

3. The Risk

In a boyband day like this, lots of guy shows up, declaring themselves as a boyband, but not much of them have a good quality. The Risk shows up with a great voice harmonization and in this cover, they mixed Get Lucky from Daft Punk into the song. Great job.

2. Mateo

We can still hear the original music in mostly cover song. But in this cover, Mateo change how they intepret the music with only Kitchen tool, one shot video, and an iPad. That reason makes us put them into our number two pick.

1. Pia Mia

Our first pick is Pia Mia. Reason we pick this video (audio)? Because she put some arrangement and mix in the song it sounds different with the original one, but still really good to be listened to.

And check her singing in front of Kanye and Drake

And that's it for our weekly YouTube Cover Review. Stay tune next week for our next cover review. Ciao!