Welcome to The New by MercyMe (Album Review)

Introduction and Facts

From one of the most respected artists in CCM Industry, MercyMe released their latest and refreshed work, Welcome to the New. MercyMe has been known for their amazing work in CCM Industry. 8 Dove Awards and many Grammy Award nominations are just some of this Greenville rock band achievement.

In this eighth studio album, MercyMe took a bold step with introducing a brand new music style. Brought together by David Garcia, producer that known from his work with Toby Mac and Mandisa, and also Ben Glover that also working together with David Garcia in Grammy Award Winner Mandisa.

Recorded in Nashville studio, almost all MercyMe members agreed that this album was a bigger challenge than the past, yet it is by far the best album that they have ever had. Bart Millard even stated that MercyMe kind of stop caring, in a matter of what they usually did. They truly want to create something that they want fell in love with.

Initial Thought

I've never listened to MercyMe song before, but just after I listened to this album, I couldn't help but smiling and played it one more time. It has a great positive energy on it. Especially when listening to their single Shake. I just love the music in this album, so positive and full of energy. -Abraham

The only MercyMe song’s that I knew was “I Can Only Imagine”, and since then I always assumed that MercyMe is stick to ballad and slow tempo. This album was quite surprising me, because right from the start, they served an upbeat music that really energetic. -Natasha

Behind the Lyrics

One of the song that interest me is Dear Younger Me. It talks about that whatever happens to your older life, you can't regret any of it. Anything that happens to us now, God has designed it specifically for us. It has so deep meaning. -Abraham

The lyric of Flawless was stick to my mind for a whole day. The chorus that said “No matter the bumps, No matter the bruises , No matter the scars , Still the truth is the cross has made, the cross has made you flawless.” has a really deep meaning, and also reminds us that we are worth it. -Natasha

Our Notion about Music

I just love the music; David and Ben have done a really great job. Welcome to the New, Gotta Let It Go, Shake, Greater starts the album with upbeat tempo. The songs continued with more to medium beat tempo songs for the rest of the album. You can still expect great music, Flawless, Burn Baby Burn, and Dear Younger Me, are just few of those great music in the rest of the album. -Abraham

I heard that several great fans of MercyMe were disappointed with this album, because the music was different or unusual for MercyMe. But I could only see an amazing job MercyMe had done for this album. The music arrangement and the song-writing were brilliant, I love it so much! -Natasha

Worship Moment

Although the album doesn't have that much of ballad songs that can be used as a worship song, Wishful Thinking, Flawless, and Finish What He Started can still be used as worship songs. -Abraham

In this album actually there were no songs that suitable for worship moment in church. But Finish What He Started and Flawless can be used as an inspirational words through songs that we can use as our daily devotional and build our faith. -Natasha

Our Favorite Tracks

Shake and Gotta Let It Go-Abraham

Welcome to the New and Burn Baby Burn-Natasha


Abraham's Conclusion

MercyMe has captured my heart with their music. It has a great music quality and a great lyric behind at the same time. This is my first time listening MercyMe, and it surely won't be the last of it. If you love listening to a medium beat to upbeat album, you want to make sure not missing this album.

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Natasha's Conclusion

I love this album very much, I listened to it on my long trip, and I was filled with joy every time I listen to it. If you are new to MercyMe, this album will be definitely satisfying. But if you are old fans, prepare yourself for a change, this is not just an ordinary one!

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Welcome to the New 4.5 Modern Jamming Jun 14, 2014