What Now by Rihanna (Hamanasha top 3 Cover)

In 2007, there’s one song that almost everyone knew, Umbrella, a song that listed the song at number three on the 100 best songs in that year by Rolling Stone and Time. Its singer is Barbadian singer Rihanna that have succesfully grab 6 Grammy Awards, 8 American Music Aawrds, and 22 Billboard Music Awards. Last year, she released her seventh studio album called Unapologetic, and today, we choose one of her song in that album, What Now as our featured YouTube cover song this week.

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3. Vanguish Accoustic

Our number three pick is this girlband called Vanguish Accoustic. This is not the first time we put them in our list, but their quality shows that they can deliver a great cover every time they did one. With nice and sweet vocal, combined with a great teamwork given with how their each personnal not overpowering another.

2. Colored Fusion

Next pick is a rock version cover from a duo called Colored Fusion. Well, not much we can tell besides listen to their version.

3. The New Velvet

Finally, our number one pick comes from Lady Antabellum and Country feels cover, The New Velvet and Lara Johnston. Check it out.

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