White Album by Hillsong United (Album Review)

It's always been a huge temptation to create a review of Hillsong United's Zion. The quality of the album where each of their song stands out one another is one of many reason that we have to resist. But then the question would be, why won't you do the review then? It's because of The White Album, the latest album from Hillsong United.

Hillsong United released their latest album on March 4th, 2014. They also offered a live streaming services for 24 hours (glad we didn't miss this chance) on their website hillsongunited.com. The White Album created based on all Hillsong's previous work, including their famous single, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).

The name of the album itself was inspired by an empty canvas, creating some new possibility and creativity. The album itself also has quite similarity in album cover concept with The Beatles's ninth studio album that also commonly known as The White Album.

UNITED's Joel Houston stated on the idea behind the album. He wrote in his blog, that despite the old song, the United's team approached them from different angles and even dressed them up in new colors. He continued that this album was inspired by the way the artists pioneered the sound of music for generations.

We gather the lyric of all songs in this album (chords included) here

It's a Worship Songs in Another Level

Abraham's Opinion

I can count myself lucky to get the opportunity to stream the whole album before it got released. It was a good opportunity also, to ensure the quality of this album.

I was pretty amazed back then when first listening to the album. The United's team done a great job at extending the music limitation; especially in worship songs (well since all the song in this album is worship song).

When we're talking about remix album, we're talking about music. We're talking about a song interpret in a surprising way. We're talking about awesomeness.

United start the awesomeness right away from the first song. Their opening song was taken from 2008's album called This is our God. They change the music all over but still maintain the core of the song. The amazing Tim Yagolnikov interpret With Everything with ambience in the verse and dubstep in the middle of the song.

The core of the song, which is worship, was still kept. We can use it in our worship, praying to God while listening to this song (this is really my personal opinion).

Aftermath from the same entitled album in 2010 was remixed twice in this album. In the first version by Michael Guy Chislett and Ben Tennikoff, the contributor member of United, they both changed the song into a more pop sound song. Gave some beats into the song, made the song more enjoyable than the original one.

The second version is more electronic compared to the first one. Both of them gave beats in the song. But, Stacy King's version has a lot more ambience, make it a difficult choice to choose one version to another.

An ambience version coming back again by Tim Yagolnikov remixing one of Hillsong's most popular song, Hosanna. If you don't know the song that I meant, you can check the original one here. I can assure you that this version will blow your mind in a good way.

Search My Heart (we've done cover of this song, check our cover of Search My Heart by Hillsong United) also got remixed. This time by Solomon Olds, and it's a disco remix. Although this kind of remix is not too popular these days, it still put some head bang to me when listening to it.

United team also put their most popular songs to date, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) as a remix version. The funny thing is that they like separate the song into two parts. The first part is the Oceans part, remixed by Lark Remix. The second part is the Where Feet May Fail, remixed by Hxly Kxss. Both version is awesome. But this time, I personally prefer more to the second version. By the way, Hamanasha also did some cover with the song, check our live cover of Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).

Finally, when the team closed the album. It finally gave a medium beat song to remixed with. Taken from Zion, Relentless made its way as a great closing act. Taken care by their junior in Hillsong, Young&Free remixed the song, Y&F style.

Natasha's Opinion

Hillsong White Album is quite special for me, because it’s the first remix album of 14 Hillsong’s best worship song. Since it’s a remix album and the songs are already well known, I would like to divide all the songs into two categories; ‘extraordinary mix’ and ‘fine mix’. In extraordinary mix category, there are bunch of super remix that make the song to be more extraordinary and even sounds better than the original. On the contrary, fine mix category is the selective mix that I thought it isn’t very special or even the original ones were better somehow. Let’s take a look of my review.

Actually, there are more songs in the extraordinary category than in fine category. First up in extraordinary mix category is the first track With Everything. The original one was on the last track of Hillsong United the 2008 album “This is Our God”. This song was mix with a very cool dubstep beat and rhythm. Second one is Like an Avalanche (Eric Owyoung remix, from 2011 album “Aftermath”. Owyoung didn’t change the chords too much, but he put very cool and compatible beat.

Next up, still in the extraordinary category is Aftermath (Chislett Tennikoff Remix). Actually, I love this version more than the original one. Tennikoff made the song to be an upbeat song, with the strong opening of solo drum.

Next song is Hosanna (Tim Yagolnikov Remix), originally in the 2007 album “Saviour King”. I’m simply in love with this mix. The original chords were completely changed and the arrangement is extraordinary. The 7th track is a chorus and bridge mash-up of All I Need Is You from 2005 album Look to You and Came to My Rescue from 2006 album United We Stand. Both songs are very familiar to our ears and it’s refreshing to hear a new arrangement of the songs.

From the Inside Out (Black Rodeo Remix) is one of my favorite mix in this album. The mix of Search My Heart (Solomon Olds Remix) can’t get any better. Solomon Olds was really turn this repetitive song into more dynamic song.

Oceans (Lark remix) easily become the one of my favorite mix in this album. The singer’s voice is remain unedited which is make the song classy. The 13th track **Where Feet May Fail (Hxly Kxss remix) is the best mix in this album. This song is arranged to be more upbeat accompanied with pure trance music.

At last but not least, Relentless (Young & Free remix) from 2013 Hillsong United completed the album with a nice dance beat. I love the Young and Free style of making the alternaative rock song into sophisticated dance song. Also the unique voice of Y&F female lead, Melodie Wagner is the main distinction, give the song a different color.

Now we moved to the other category, fine-mix. Scandal of Grace (Chad Howat remix) line up the first in fine mix category. When I listen to the song for the first time, I just thought that the he original one in Hillsong United Zion album was better .

There is one more mix of Aftermath, it is by Stacy King. This was actually an instrumental, like an extended mix of the song which is I couldn’t get the idea. The 10th track The Stand (Jeremy Edwardson Remix) didn’t very extraordinary, it’s like the arranger didn’t put a bold arrangement to the song.

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Abraham's Choice

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Natasha's Choice

Where Feet May Fail
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Abraham's Conclusion

I always love when someone did their own interpretation of someone else's song. Put it together in an album with 14 songs, its like the sweetest dessert in your ears. Great job.

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Natasha's Conclusion

This album is worth buying because it contains the best of Hillsong's worship songs in nearly a decade. Plus, those songs were remade into a whole new different level. Let's expect for more Christian album like this.

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White Album by Hillsong United 4.5 Modern Jamming Apr 11, 2014