Yellow by Coldplay (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

Today we’re in the middle of a totally “lazy day” in our office. Tomorrow is a public holiday and yesterday was Sunday, so laziness really comes up to my head. But still, if we’re talking about music, laziness would suddenly change into excitement. So this time, we’re going to talk about the best cover of one of well-know British rock band's song, Coldplay. We have chosen three of our favorite Coldplay’s cover of a song that was Coldplay’s first American hit. Yes it’s Yellow.

3. Rene and Jeremy

It’s a simple yet beautiful animated video accompanied with sweet ukulele. The duet was created by parents and dedicated to help people that want to sing along with their family. Rene and Jeremy website

2. Sem Palheta

Stumbled upon this version and although I don’t quite get the artist that cover this version (it was in some foreign language, based on the title and the announcer they called the artist Sem Palheta). Indeed the singer has a great voice and the song was greatly composed resulting a very soothing tone.

1. Sara Bareilles

Our number one spot for this cover is reserved by five times Grammy Award nominee, Sara Bareilles. If you don’t know her, just check this video on.


Well we couldn't left this guy out, the singer of Dynamite cover version of Coldplay’s Yellow. Check it out.