You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music (Album Review)

Bethel Music has lots of similarity with our cell group here in Surabaya. Like Bethel Music, our cell group also started small two years ago with only few people did some prayer and worshipping God.

Sharing that similarity has somehow made us felt a different feeling when listening their latest album, You Make Me Brave. The latest live album follows the successful released of their previous album, TIDES, reached #3 in top Christian/Gospel album.

Recorded live three days in women's conference, Bethel Music brought out most respected female worship leaders. The lineup including Kari Jobe, Amanda Cook, Kristene DiMarco, Leah Valenzuela and Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger.

Dedicated to lead into a more intimate worship with God, although the album was recorded in a women's conference, it still applicable to bring a worship moment to all listeners.

Initial Thought

I've never been a fan of ballad songs, especially when it was put too much in an album. Besides the repentance of the music, putting too many ballad song in an album will bore me a lot. It surprisingly different with this album. Since it's a worship album, you can expect lot of ballad songs in this album. Despite of the ballad tempo, the whole album still far from boring. -Abraham

Abraham listened to this album album earlier than I am. Well, when he said that this is a worship album, I thought it will be boring. When I hear the first track of the album, it quite impressed me, and make me curious because the first song didn't show a boring signal at all. Finally after finish listening, guess what, I want to play it again and again! -Natasha

Behind the Lyrics

Well, you can expect great lyrics in each song of this album. Telling a story about how a person that can only amazed by God into at the end of the album able to meet with God face-to-face. From the starting song in the album until the last song, it slowly brought the listener deep down in the worship moment. -Abraham

The album title You Make Me Brave is already brought us into a theme about our God is The One who encourage us. The lyrics were meant to make the listeners grow stronger, as we put all the hopes in God. Hopefully, after listening to the songs, our faith can be made stronger, as the last song said We Step Into Freedom -Natasha

Our Notion About Music

Each of the song in this album are composed beautifully to be matched with any worship moment. From slow moment, to a more upbeat, from a tidy moment, to a more crowded moment. This dynamic music composition is the main reason I wasn't bored with this album. -Abraham

The thing that I appreciate in this album is the uniqueness of each song, they are different from one another. Also there are several songs that have upbeat tempo such as Shepherd and I Belong To You and also goth nuance arrangements in A Little Longer and in the verse of Anchor.

Worship Moment

This album might be the best worship album in this year. Not only it doesn't bore you with the repentance music like many other worship album, it has a great lyric that can be used for worship God. -Abraham

If I can divide worship moment into two types, I would say there are a sweet & sound worship and also passionate worship. This album is tend to brought us into passionate worship moment, with vibrant and majestic music arrangement. This kind of worship type is always be my favorite, besides they are less-boring, they also boost my mood of worship so I can have my worship moment everywhere I listen to this album. -Natasha

Our Favorite Tracks

My favorite would be Forever, I Belong to You, Shepherd. -Abraham

I choose You Make Me Brave, Anchor, and Shepherd. -Natasha


Comparing with the previous album, You Make Me Brave has a lighter, more majestic version. Although the previous album has more praise songs rather this one, if you're looking for a worship album to accompany your worship moment, this album could be your best bet. -Abraham

If I have to choose Tides and You Make Me Brave, I prefer the latest because the songs seems brighter and delightful to me. Tides has a lot of good songs either but has less worship moment for me. -Natasha


Abraham's Conclusion

I never could imagine loving a worship album this much. But this album deserves the spot in my phone like always. Awesome!

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Natasha's Conclusion

This album is suitable for worship moment, especially for all the women's worship fan, because all of the songs were sung by women.

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You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music 4.5 Modern Jamming May 23, 2014